4 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Being a Pet owner is an amazing experience. If you have ever owned a pet, you might know that it is quite a lot of fun to have a pet in your life. More than just fun, pets can have surprising benefits on mental and physical health. More than 30 years of scientific research evidence proves that keeping a pet increases your overall health by 60%. Here are some surprising health benefits of having a pet.

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Pets are more effective than Anti-Depressants. The companionship of a pet can bring about comfort, fun and joyfulness. Pets live in the moment; they do not care about what happened in the last or what might happen in the coming days. They are carefree creatures of God. They keep you engaged in their fun which makes you overcome boredom and negatives feelings about life.

Makes you Regular at Exercise:


Taking your Pet for a morning or evening walk becomes a staunch responsibility of every pet owner. While exercise is reported to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 50%, research suggests that pet owners are more likely to meet their exercise routines as compared to those who do not own a pet.

Prevents Heart Diseases:


While pets help you develop a regular walking routine which is associated to decrease in obesity, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. According to a study performed out of University of California, Los Angeles in 2007, dog therapies exhibited better cardiopulmonary pressures, healthier neurohormone levels, and less anxiety in patients of heart failure.

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Helps you develop strong Emotional Health:


According to a study published in the ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology’, pet owners are more robust, self-confident and likely to develop strong emotions. The study also revealed that pet owners possess higher self-esteem with the ability to resist depression and unpleasant situations in life. Another study conducted among people of different age groups reported that pet therapies decrease in emotions of depression with better response towards life and improved cognitive functioning.



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