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4 signs you are overdoing at gym

Workout is essential for a fit and healthy life but overdoing workout can be fatal. Your motivation and desire for a well-shaped body can make you overdo workout at gym. Injuries caused by excessive workout cannot be recovered overnight. Over exercising can be caused by creating an imbalance between workout and rest. Just the way you need to exercise to get into shape and build muscles, you also need to take appropriate rest in terms of sleep. Initially, it may be hard to determine whether you are overdoing workout or not but one might soon realize it due to the prolonged pain and soreness of muscles after getting out of the gym. There are multiple ways to tell that you are overdoing with weights and cardio at gym. Here are top 4 signs that you are overdoing at gym :

Sore Muscles:

If you have rejoined gym after a couple of weeks, muscle soreness is quite normal due to beginner cramps. Muscle soreness for an hour or two after workout is also normal but when it gets prolonged, this might a sign of overdone activity at gym. Overdoing with weights or cardio will cause an adverse effect on your muscles. Moreover, an injury caused due to over training might probably take a week or two to recover completely. Do not confuse cramps with soreness of muscles caused by over training. Cramps occur when you get started with a particular exercise after a long time. Cramps generally last for 3-5 days causing intense muscular pain and soreness. Cramps are healed by regular exercise for 3-5 days.

Frequent Sickness:

Over training might not always result in soreness of muscles causing physical injuries. Over training might also affect your immune system. A long lasting imbalance of diet, rest and workout might adversely affect your immune system causing headache, fever and fatigue. Even if you are not over training at gym and still you are experiencing some kind of sickness, it’s better to take a week off from exercise allowing your body to restore to normal condition.

Frozen Workout:

If you are experiencing something like a cutback in your workout, you are likely to be over training. Lack of motivation, tensed muscles and continuous fatigue at gym can cause frozen workouts and decline in performance at gym. A couple of more workout sessions with fatigue, tensed muscles and lack of motivation could lead to permanent injuries with your muscles.

Increased Blood Pressure:

Experiencing higher blood pressure readings can also be a symptom of over training at gym. Keep a regular check of your blood pressure and make daily notes for your blood pressure readings. A higher blood pressure average can be a cause of overdone workout sessions for a long period. A higher blood pressure tendency can result in stress, lack of sleep, headache, cold sweating and other unhealthy habits.

Your Body Speaks!

Your body speaks before it gets excessively drained and exhausted. If you are able to understand some indications of over training, you must

  • Reform your eating habits.
  • Take rest allowing your body to restore.
  • Get a complete medical checkup.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Expose yourself to Sunlight.
  • Drink plenty of water.



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