5 Habits That Cause Backache

Pain in the lower back might be connected to the hard lumbar spine, plates between the vertebrae, tendons around the spine and circles, spinal string and nerves, lower back muscles, mid-region and pelvic inner organs, and the skin around the lumbar zone. Backache will influence 80 percent of your body sooner or later in a lifetime and regularly appear because of rehashed practices that stretch your body.  Here are some common daily life habits which turns out to be a great cause of backache. Avoiding these habits can help you prevent and overcome back pain.


Not Exercising:

lack of exercise causes backache

Lack of physical activity can cause and aggravate back pain as a result of expanded firmness and debilitated muscles. Inactive individuals pass up a great opportunity for the advantages of general physical movement, including formation of spinal plates, delicate tissues and tendons. When there’s an absence of physical activity, plates become weak and deteriorated. Every muscle in a human body is based on the fact “If you do not use it, you loose it.” Lack of physical activity can weaken your back muscles causing a permanent muscle spasm.

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Backache due to bad posture

“Poor posture can add strain to muscles and put weight on the spine,” says Tae M. Shin, MD, a board-ensured orthopedic spine specialist at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Los Angeles. A poor posture can bring about some abnormal changes in the anatomical attributes of the spine. To prevent backache, try to remain with your knees marginally bowed, and put one foot forward to take weight off the lower back and decrease back strain. However while sitting, it is recommended to sit with your hips slightly higher than your knees.

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Anxiety or Stress:


Being in a state of prolonged anxiety, stress or depression can cause major physical disabilities. Excessive stress and anxiety can result in lack of sleep which may further cause tension in muscles and joints. It is important to take good care of yourself by doing stress relieving and breathing activities. Furthermore, stress relieving yoga and meditation can be highly effective in the normalization process of head nerves.


Lifting Heavy Objects:

Lifting weights causes Backache

Sudden back pain occurs when you try to lift heavy objects and do as such inaccurately. Whether you have been lifting heavy weights for a long time or not, doing this inappropriately can cause a back strain anytime.   Here’s a short info-graphic on how to lift a heavy object properly.




Smokers are right around three times more likely to experience lower back pain as compared to nonsmokers. Nicotine confines blood stream to the plates that pad your vertebrae and expands the rate of degenerative change. Cigarette smoking likewise reduces the level of calcium in your body preventing new bone development, leaving smokers with the danger of an osteoporotic crack as compared to non-smokers.



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