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5 Reasons you should not Wear High Heels

Ladies’ love for wearing high heels can never fade out. High heels are perceived to add beauty to your outfit and style. But along with this, some ladies may also face multiple side effects of wearing high heels. Here are some side effects of wearing shoes with high heels.

5 side effects of wearing high heels


Joint Pain:

Heels do not have shock absorbers, which can create a problem for you to walk comfortably. Since heels restrict the feet to walk and step in a single place, this exerts pressure on the knees, every time you step on with heels. This knee pressure causes pain in your joints making them fragile and weak to handle shocks. So, if you have been wearing high heels for the whole day, get them off.

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Twisted and Falling Ankles:

When wearing high heels, the ankle becomes the fulcrum for your whole body. This is due to the unbalance created between the ankle and the heel. This unbalance makes it difficult for the ankle to bear the weight of entire body. This results in frequent twisting of ankles.

Lower Back Pain:

This is a very common problem faced by women wearing high pencil heels. Wearing such high pencil heels can cause lower back pain. As high heels pushes your pelvis forward, it puts a lot of pressure on your back causing immense backache. If you have ever experienced back pain in your life, you must avoid wearing high heels.

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Ingrown toenails:

Walking with normal flat shoes allows your feet to balance on the ground. But when it comes to the long heels, the foot leaves its balancing point partially towards the toes. As toes are pressed in the high-heeled shoes, extra pressure is exerted on the toes sides. This pressure would crush your toes letting your toenail grow in opposite direction causing extreme pain.

Lack of Cushion:

When wearing heels, the sphere of your foot is a point where the weight of your entire body relies on . And the heels are used for balancing only. Thus the sphere of foot starts losing its natural padding that is used for balancing and managing your entire body’s weight. Therefore, heels can make you lose your natural padding. Loss of natural padding can result in severe pain while walking unless you are able to regain sufficient padding with the help of injections.



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