5 Reasons You Should Ride a Bicycle EveryDay

Nearly every one of us has learned to ride a bicycle in their childhood. But as soon as we grew up, we got rid of our bicycles and replaced them with a car or a motorbike perhaps. Have you ever wondered that why do some people in the European countries never get rid of their bicycle even in their late 60’s? This is because they realize the importance of Cycling for their physical health and fitness. Here are 5 reasons you should ride a bicycle every day, whether you are a kid, teenager or an elderly fellow.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

healthy-heart and cycling

Riding a bicycle on regular basis is exceptionally good for your heart. A 20 minutes bicycle ride everyday reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%. Studies reveal that less than 5% people who maintained a regular routine of riding a bicycle died due to coronary heart diseases.

It’s Equally Good for Your Mental Health:

cycling for mental-health

Cycling is just a perfect exercise to make you fit and healthy. We all know for a fact that exercise is profoundly recommended for betterment in one’s overall health. But most physical therapists specifically associate Cycling to mental health. According to some renowned physical therapists, riding a bicycle regularly can boost your memory and creative thinking. Furthermore, cycling also helps relieve stress, depression and anxiety.

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Makes You Quit Dieting:

cycling and dieting

It’s usually hard to maintain an appropriate weight without dieting. Stopping yourself from grabbing a grilled burger with a bunch of fries makes your rethink about your body fats. But with a regular cycling routine, you can eat anything in any quantity without giving a setback to your body weight. Moreover, cycling is also an effective way to keep your ill feelings, blood pressure and blood sugar spikes under control.

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Makes Your Live Longer:

cycling makes you live-longer

According to a recent study conducted among elderly men in Norway, men who had a cycling routine of 30 minutes every day lived more than 80 years of age. The study concluded that men who ride a bicycle live 5 years longer than those who are not engaged in any physical activity.

No Excuse:

excuses on cycling

Most of us are unable to incorporate exercise in our daily routine due to our busy schedule at work. But what’s important to realize is that cycling does neither costs us money nor extra time. Commuting a bike to the market to get some grocery and bread butter isn’t a hard job. It’s just something you need to have a will off. Whether its gymnasium or a health studio, all exercises except cycling generally requires an hour away from busy schedule.



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