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5 Skincare tips for Oily Skin

How embarrassing and irritating it is to have an oily skin with seasonal changes. The oil appearing on the outer layer of our skin might lead to multiple problems like blackheads, pimples and whiteheads. But when you have to suffer from an excess of oil on your skin, its better to follow some skin care tips to prevent or cure oily skin problems.

Treating Oily Skin

Here are 5 tips for dealing with oil on your skin:

Scrub your face daily:

scrub for oily skin

It is recommended to scrub your face daily with a soft face scrub. Because scrubbing your face acts as a face cleanser. And cleansing is very much associated with the reduction of facial oil. Scrub your face with any facial scrub available in the market. But remember not to wash your face with hot water but Luke warm water. For even better results, rinse your face with rose water to achieve long lasting moisturize on your skin.

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Avoid using cosmetics and creams:

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Using heavy cosmetics has always been adverse for skin. And when you have an oily skin, it’s necessary to avoid using heavy cosmetics. Using heavy makeup will add a temporary glow to your face but will become a cause of permanent skin problems by increasing your pores and let them trap dust and oil. Moreover, stop using harsh creams and soaps, as they play a great role in increasing the oil on your skin.

Try Home Remedies:

oily skin remedies

There are various home remedies that would help reduce the oil on your face. Apply a homemade lemon sugar scrub. Take one tablespoon of sugar and 2 – 3 tablespoons of lemon, and make a thick paste. Rub your face with this scrub daily. Moreover, you can also use an aloe vera cucumber mask, by mashing a cucumber in the grinder and adding up 3 – 4 tablespoons of an aloe-vera gel into it. Other than these remedies, dermatologists suggest that applying yogurt and egg whites also helps to absorb oil from your skin.

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Improve your Diet:

oily skin foods

Your diet matters a lot in treating your skin problems. For an oily skin, you need to improve the diet you take. Try taking high fiber foods like corn, brown bread oats, and citrus fruits. The natural cleansing agent is the water. Drink 8-10 glass of water daily to keep your skin moisturized. Cucumbers and grapefruits are rich in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids respectively. Try to avoid salty snacks, fatty meats, and added sugars to prevent extra oil from surfacing your skin.

Treat your oily skin medically:

oily skin treatment

Sometimes the skin outputs so much oil that a short medical treatment becomes mandatory. This ultimately leaves you no other option than visiting a skin specialist. Your skin specialist would suggest you a better treatment depending upon the severity of your skin problem. He might ask you for a laser treatment or would give you some lotions to cure extra oily skin.





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