5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Chocolates

You must have come across loads of ranting if you are a chocolate lover? From the standpoint of a typical doctor, eating chocolates can cause cavities , weight gain and obesity. Such myths have gained immense popularity in the recent years. But in reality, chocolates have amazing benefits that anyone will be surprised to know. So now stop thinking and get a chocolate bite. Here are some surprising benefits of chocolates you must know.

Promotes a Healthy Heart:

One of the amazing benefits of eating chocolate is that it keeps your heart healthy and strong. The increase in cholesterol level can cause the veins to block and heart attack leading to sudden deaths in rare cases. According to studies, it is proved that the cocoa is responsible for reducing the LDL cholesterol and increasing healthy HDL cholesterol. The antioxidants found in chocolate keeps your heart healthy and younger while maintaining your blood pressure on a normal scale.


Prevents Diabetes:

It is generally advised that diabetic patients shouldn’t avoid chocolates due to medical reasons. But the fact is that eating one or two chocolates every month can help in maintaining the sugar level in blood.  The compounds found in dark chocolates can increase the sensitivity of insulin. According to a research, it is claimed that consuming a small piece of dark chocolate for 15 days improve insulin immunity by more than 50%. But remember not to overeat any kind of chocolate as it contains saturated sugar as well.


Encourages Weight Loss:

One of the astonishing benefits of chocolate is that it helps in weight loss. This is surprisingly true as a research conducted by the University of Copenhagen revealed that eating dark chocolate can improve blood circulation in the body that means more absorption of food and hence fewer fats. It also reduces your craving for excessive calorie intake and satisfies the need of eating something sweet.

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Makes your Brain Sharp and Healthy:

The cocoa found in chocolate increases the blood flow to the brain; that means getting nutrients frequently for mental health. When your brain gets vital nutrients, it rehabilitates its ability to think, perceive and create short term and long term memories. It also helps in increasing the vigilance of the brain while intensifying the overall functioning of the brain activities. According to the study of the Oxford University, it is found that the people who eat dark chocolates score relatively higher in the cognitive test as compared to others.


Reduces Stress:

People who eat chocolates are more positive and calm as compared to others. Cocoa found in chocolate contains phenylethylamine(PTA) which influences the brain to produce dopamine hormones that keeps us happy and calm. According to a recent survey conducted among young women, 76% of the women claimed that they prefer to eat chocolates whenever they feel stressed out during their menstrual cycle because it makes them feel happy and calm. So eating chocolates does not only reduces stress but also helps to keep a positive aura around you.

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