Surprising Benefits of Pushups

5 Surprising Benefits of Pushups You Didn’t Know

Pushups are one of the ultimate exercises and they activate almost every muscle in the body. They are very effective, yet simple. They target a lot of muscles groups at a single time and that is what which makes it one of the most significant exercises in calisthenics (body weight exercises). Whether you are a gymnastic, free runner, martial artist or fitness freak, pushups are very vital for you and your body. Pushups can help you build bigger chest, good round shoulders, peaky biceps, and attractive triceps. Here are some surprising benefits of Pushups you may not know:

Targets almost whole body:


The most versatile exercise is the pushups. It targets four major muscles groups simultaneously. So if you don’t have time to train your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and abs separately, you can only do this exercise. They train all aforementioned muscle groups.

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Helps create hormonal balance:

Hormonal Imbalance

Regular pushups creates hormonal balance within the human body by targeting certain hormones that are responsible for the stability of human body. So if you want to have balanced hormones, you must start doing pushups regularly.

Helps in building a strong core:

Strong Core

Pushups are the starting line for a strong core. And if you want to have Abs of Steel you must do pushups other than crunches, sit-ups and planks. Pushups are a great way of achieving hard abdominal muscles. This means that you can harden your abs almost anywhere just by doing pushups.

Improves your posture:


You must have seen people who are unable to stand upright.  One reason for their curved spine is the absence of physical activity specially pushups. If executed properly, pushups help in maintaining an upright posture preventing curved shoulders and spine. So if you want to have a straight back you must start doing this simple exercise.

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Decrease Sarcopenia rate:


Every person loses a percent of muscle mass every year. The loss may be negligible but over a period of some years, this loss cannot be neglected as it is very significant. Pushups increase muscle mass. One can significantly decrease the rate of muscle mass loss by doing this simple yet effective exercise.

Targeted Body Parts:

Pushups are a versatile exercise that target a lot of muscles group. From small chest bands to abs, pushups really help to build some serious muscles. Some of the major targeted body parts are:

  • Chest muscles
  • Shoulder muscles
  • Triceps muscles
  • Biceps muscles
  • Abdominal Muscles (Abs)


Variations of Pushups:

There are many kinds of pushups and the most known are:

  • With hands resting on a higher platform than your feet
  • With your feet resting on a higher platform than your hands
  • With hands under shoulders (hands shoulder apart)
  • With hands touching each other and forming a diamond shape
  • With arms tucked in close to the body
  • With one hand only




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