5 Ways To Increase Your Stamina

Stamina refers to your mental and physical ability which keeps you going in all types of situations. There is nothing wrong in saying that Stamina plays key role for bearing extreme body conditions during every single sports and physical activity, either it’s running or cricket.

For beginners, muscular fatigue in early stages of physical activity is very common due to which most of them often lose hope for their physical fitness but here i am about to give you 5 best tips for increasing your muscular endurance to extreme level.




You may already know may probably have heard of it that your body is a machine and nutrition act as a fuel for it. Providing better nutrition will allow your body to withstand tough conditions but giving inappropriate nutrition, your body will run out of fuel affecting every single muscle in your body. For building better stamina and endurance muscles, whole protein foods and Complex Carbohydrates has always been one crucial diet for endurance athletes. Beware, wrapped snacks and soda drinks weakens your body muscles affecting endurance. Moreover, also avoid smoking because smoking can limit the reach of oxygen to your heart, muscles and tissues affecting stamina directly.

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Be a Step Ahead:

step ahead

Be ahead, be different. Progressing in your workouts or taking next step in any physical activity has always been a great achievement for athletes. Every single step you take will lead you to a better physical position and you will even feel the difference yourself. Being a step ahead means that you have to accomplish more than last workout. As if you ran 1 km in your first run, try to run at least 200 meters more than last one for better result. So, try to increase your speed and mileage and gradually, you will be able to run a long distance without experiencing fatigue.


Exercise and Workout:


Workouts always payback. The more you work out, the more you are able to do. Doing exercise and workouts that challenges your stamina as well as muscles can be a great stamina building strategy. Following are some exercises that may help you in building stamina.

  • Jogging and sprinting
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skipping
  • Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Weight Lifting

You should always keep this in mind that lack of physical activity is one major issue for decrease in stamina because it weakens your muscles. It is to be noted that beginners should workout for 20-30 minutes and increase it slowly because the slower you go, the stronger muscles you will have.


Give it a Pause:

Proper Rest

Proper resting between workouts and after workouts is always of high priority. Most beginners set their resting time higher during workout than it should be. The reason that it has a great effect on your muscle building is that resting for higher time than needed can result in relaxation of your muscles which can reduce metabolic rate and also decrease the formation of fresh muscles which are of great importance. Try to take minimal time break between sets if possible.

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But Never Skip:

Never Skip

It is well said that taking proper rest can help you building better and stronger muscles but taking too much rest can also have negative impact on your muscles. Taking too much rest can slow down the metabolic rate which is why we recommend you to do light physical activity and exercise even on your resting days to keep yourself in better shape.



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