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5 Workout Mistakes That Can Damage Your Muscles

It is not enough to just know about the exercise you are doing or the equipment you are using, you have to train ‘smart’. You must think critically about your workouts, and make sure that every exercise you do has a specific purpose. Most people make big workout mistakes that results in injury. So here are 5 workout mistakes you should take care off.


Taking Prolonged Rests In Between Workout:

taking rest in gym

This mistake is usually more common in beginners who don’t know that taking prolonged rests can be highly destructive for them. According to a study, taking long rests during workout can result in slow metabolic rate and ultimately resulting in muscles pain, respiratory imbalance, difficulty in raising stamina and sudden cool down that is very harmful in every single case.

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Eating/Drinking Too Much Before, During or After Workout:

man drinking water during workout

Eating or drinking too much before, during or after workout can be really bad. It affects the performance of body and may cause pain in the gut. You may feel lethargic, sluggish, have diarrhea or cramps or you may experience an upset stomach. So it is recommended not to intake solids or liquids before, during or after workout as it can be hostile for your body.


Lifting Too Much Heavy Weights:

lifting too much heavy weight

This is one of the most common workout mistakes among youngsters who want to have bigger muscles over a short period of time, and they start lifting heavy weights. But they are doing it wrong, as Bruce Lee said “Only lift the weight, you can actually lift.” So if you struggle to lift 5 kg dumbbells then don’t go for 8 kg or 10 kg because you are already struggling to lift 5 kg. Slowly and steadily pace for the ability to easily lift much more heavy weights. By this you will be able to slowly raise the muscle mass without having a torn muscle.

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Preferring Quantity Over Quality:

quantity over quality

Many beginners out there prefer quantity over quality which can result in serious muscles pain. For example they prefer to do 50 wrong push ups then to do 25 proper push ups and therefore they are deprived of the benefits of proper push ups and they may also experience torn muscles. So one should prefer quality over quantity, as advised by Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X who is ‘one of the premier fitness experts and therapists’


Getting Distracted:

getting distracted at the gym

You are at the gym to change your body not to make new friends. While workout friends can be great for added motivation, but talking for long period of time during a workout can decrease the metabolism or fat burning, effect of your workout. The reason is that when rest intervals increase, the body cools down, leading to a decreased metabolism. So you must prefer workout over talking to your friends, this will be a great benefit for you and also for them.



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