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5 Workouts for Bigger Shoulders

Do you train shoulders devotedly every week but still can’t feel any progress. Do you suffer from constant pains and having problem building ideal shoulders? Or can’t find out suitable workout for bigger shoulders? Shoulder workout requires some extra attention to form well shaped muscles.  This is your stop for everything regarding workouts for bigger shoulders. Following are the exercises you will find worth considering.


For a perfect shoulder workout session, get started with Lateral Raises. This exercise is a must-do exercise for bigger shoulders.

How To:

Lateral Raises | StrengthON

  • Get two dumbbells of same weight
  • Hold them tight and stretch your arms while standing upright.
  • In this direction, move your arms high till your dumbbells reaches at your head level
  • Then slowly bring it down while your arms stretched.

No. of Sets: 3

No. of Reps: 10

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Overhead Press | StrengthON

Before you go on for ‘Overhead Press’, Just make sure that you don’t have had a history of backache or any sort of spinal problems. Spinal problems or backaches may aggravate due to muscle spasm caused by overhead press.

How To:

  • Stand while holding the bar at your shoulder level
  • Have a tight grip and wrists should be straight
  • Yours knees should be locked at a position
  • Lift your chest and lock your this stance
  • Move bar upward and downward

No. of Sets: 3

No. of Reps: 8


This exercise primarily focuses on anterior, posterior and lateral deltoids while strengthening rotator cuff muscles.

How To:

around-the-world | StrengthONaround-the-world2 | StrengthON

  • Get two dumbbells and lie on a flat bench.
  • Your shoulders should be at the edge of the bench.
  • Hold tight the dumbbells and straighten your arms.
  • Move your arms 180 degrees towards back and bring forward slowly.

No. of Sets: 15

No. of Reps: 3


Low Cable Face Pull is also useful for maintaining an upright posture.

How To:

Cable-Face-Pull | StrengthON

  • Sit down on a flat bench with your back straight
  • Hold handles attached with the rope attached to a pulley
  • Pull the rope towards your face then move it back slowly

No. of Sets: 3

No. of Reps: 10


How To:

cable-cross | StrengthON

  • Stand adjacent to a machine with a cable
  • Bend your torso slightly while maintaining strong grip with your feet. Keep your head facing forward and neck straight.
  • Hold the handle of the cable with one hand.
  • Now pull the cable downwards till your hand is adjacent to your chest
  • Retract it backwards

No. of Sets: 2 For Each shoulder

No. of Reps: 8



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