Side effects of fast foods

5 Worst side effects of eating Fast Foods

In the recent years, the demand of fast food has increased up to a massive scale. It’s not just the taste of fast food that attracts consumers, but the quick service time that does not let you wait for more than a few minutes. Due to the fact that fast food is cheap and readily available, companies are able to setup large scale fast food chains and serve you at your doorstep. And even business strategies like ‘Kids Meal’ (Meal with a toy or gift) has worked out and enticed kids to become fast food addicts. But have you ever wondered that what it costs to digest all that fast food? Fast food is always high in calories and contains excessive quantity of carbohydrates, sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats. And when you try to replace fast food with your every day’s nutritious whole foods, the results can be critical. Let’s have a look at some worst side effects of eating fast foods.

Makes you lethargic:



Fast food has some adverse effects on your energy. Due to high fats and carbohydrates, you will always feel lethargic and exhausted. This feeling of laziness might also change to insomnia at some time. A research was carried out among sportsmen who often ate fast food and who did not eat fast food more than once a month. Sportsmen who ate fast food quite often were found less energetic as compared to those who seldom ate fast food.

Increased Obesity and Poor Respiratory system:



If you try to replace your nutritious meal of whole foods with fast food, get ready to welcome belly fats. Due to high calories intake, you will put on a lot of weight which will lead to obesity and some chronic diseases. Obesity may further lead to problems like shortness of breath or wheezing with exertion. Sleep apnea is also a common problem associated with obesity, which can cause disturbed sleep due to asthma and shallow breathing. Child specialists believe that children who consume fast food thrice a week are at a high risk of asthma and rhinitis.

Decline in mental health:


Do you often forget some important tasks or decay some memories? That can be a consequence of fast foods containing high saturated fats. Consuming saturated fatty acids may impair memory speed and ability to remember events firmly. High calories in fast foods can affect your brain’s synapses associated to memory and learning.

Rough skin and weak bones:

Weak Bones


Due to excessive calories your skin might lose its glow and freshness. Owing to hormonal changes, Teens may also develop acute acne infections due to oily fast foods. Fizzy drinks being a must part of fast foods, kill calcium in your body making your bones weaker and fragile. Low calcium and excessive sodium in your body can result in osteoporosis as well.

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Increased Risk of Cancer:


Well the most alarming and terrifying outcome of excessive fast food consumption is increased risk of cancer. Fast foods alone may not cause cancer, but it may cause conditions that can ingrain cancer. Excessive sodium, carbohydrates, saturated fats and low calcium in your body can cause bacterial growth with the ability to cause cancer. Relying on fast foods rather than whole some foods, eating fast foods twice or thrice a week and having poor nutrition are few conditions that may develop bacterial growth with further possibilities of developing cancer.



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