7 Habits that can affect Eyesight Badly

Eyesight is the most important sense we are blessed with. Either it is nature or it is heritage, everything we witness is because of a blessing known as eyesight. But unfortunately, we have engrossed ourselves in work so much that we are destroying this blessing with our own hands. As a matter of fact your eyesight is being affected due to various daily life habits. Here are some habits that are gradually affecting your eyesight:

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Excessive use of Mobiles and Laptops:


You may often find students and teenagers complaining about headache and migraine but have you ever tried to notice the reason behind it? Here is it! Youngsters of the modern age can’t survive without their mobiles. Whether they are in school, colleges or at home: they always keep their eyes on the mobile phone as if it is a matter of life and death. But what they don’t know is that using laptops and mobiles for more than a couple of hours can seriously affect their eyesight. The rays emitting from the display screen increases the tension in the retina causing severe damage.


Watching TV late night:


Many of us are habitual of sleeping late at night. Staying awake for the sake of using mobiles, laptops or watching TV is a serious threat to your eyesight. Moreover, using one of these gadgets in dim lights can also be a serious cause of decreasing eye sight. When you watch TV or use a laptop at night in dim lights, the levels of lights in the screen change so rapidly that your eyes are unable to absorb such light variations even after putting so much stress. Therefore, such stress leads to eyestrain, cervical pain, headache and redness in eyes.


Eating a lot of Fast Food:


Like every other part of your body, your eyes also need a proper amount of nutrients to be healthy and strong. When you eat a lot of fast-food your body does not get enough vitamins and minerals hence exposing your eyes and other organs to weakness and ailment.

weak eyesight foods

Try to add foods like citrus fruits, nuts, fish and green vegetables in your meal because they are enriched with vitamin C & E, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for the health of your eyes.

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Making Contact with Sun:

causes weak eyesight

Exposing your eyes to the sun can be very dangerous. When you go outside without wearing sunglasses, the harmful UV rays emitting from the sun badly affects your eyes causing dryness, blur vision, and red eye leading to poor eyesight.


Reading in a Dim Light:

dim-lights causes weak eyesight

Bookworms usually have weak eyesight due to the fact that they are so engrossed in reading that they even consider the availability of enough around them. Reading in the dim light can cause unnecessary stress on eyes that does not only affects your eyesight but also damages your brain.


Rubbing your Eyes:

weak eyesight

Do not develop a poor habit of rubbing your eyes.  Rubbing your eyes hard can damage the blood vessels of eyes becoming a serious threat to your eyesight.



smoking causes weak eyesight

People who have a habit of smoking are more often exposed to red eyes and headaches. The reason is that the nicotine found in cigarettes is very harmful to the eye tissues which contributes to blurred vision puffy eyes.


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