7 Ultimate tips to Prevent Aging

Who wants to age when it is said that ‘age is just a number’? How many times have you admired celebrities thinking that why do these people never age? You might also be aware of the fact that there is a lot of money and effort involved in terms of cosmetic surgeries that makes these celebrities look younger on screen. Well, that does not mean that you cannot prevent yourself from aging and looking younger without all these efforts. Even cosmetic surgeries are not going to benefit you unless you are ready to bring reforms to your lifestyle, nutrition and workout sessions. Lets’ have a look at 7 ultimate tips to prevent aging and make you look younger and healthy.

Sleep Well:

sleep well to prevent aging

Staying awake till late at night preparing for presentation or scrolling your news feed will cause puffy eyes and dark circles. 8-10 hours of daily sleep is categorically known as ‘beauty sleep’ and does not costs anything at all. Beauty sleep is vital for keeping our mind and body working at their best. Deficiency of beauty sleep will make you look 10 years older than your actual age. You might not know that ‘beauty sleep’ also helps in hair growth and beautifying your complexion.

Keep yourself hydrated:

water to prevent aging

‘Air Water and light’ are the gifts of nature to the mankind. Avoiding one or all of them will not cause you any good in health or life. For a healthy body, you should consume a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water a day. Good intake of water does not only make your skin to glow but also drains acidic and toxic substances in your body boosting your metabolism. In addition, here are some surprising benefits of drinking water that you might not have known before:

 Acts as a fatigue buster
 Prevents acne and skin infections
 Prevents pain, aches and spasms
 Encourages weight loss
 Relives stress

Add Milk to your daily diet:

milk to prevent aging

Milk is a basic nourishment need of a body. Milk provides you with a good amount of calcium, essentials proteins, amino acids and Vitamins for adding strength to your body. Not only this, dermatologists recommend skimmed milk for healthy hair, nails and skin. Furthermore, milk prevents dryness of your skin promoting the amount of required moisture. It also prevents aging affect by reducing darkening of skin. In addition, milk also helps in the following:

 Weight loss
 Muscle building
 Improved complexion
 Cleansing
 Prevents Sunburn

A Healthy Balanced Diet:

diet to prevent aging

Exercise, medication, and cosmetic surgeries and so on, nothing can show best results unless you consume a healthy balanced diet. Changing your eating habits is a difficult job especially if you are a food lover or you live nearby a fast food restaurant. You may not be able to bring revolutionary reforms in your eating habits overnight. However you should start with little changes and the results will force you to change your eating habits largely.
To start with make the following changes to your diet plan:

 Add 2-3 servings of fruits to your everyday diet
 Take 3 meals a day. You may reduce the quantity of food per meal but do not skip any meal.
 Do not make yourself a vegetarian. Eat red meat at least twice a week.
 Drink green tea at least once a day. It builds bone density and prevents eye diseases associated with aging.
 Eat fresh Salad leaves after every meal you take.
 Limit yourself from fast food.
 Do not always eat processed food: Carrots, radish, Peanuts, almonds and walnuts are excessively healthier.
 Avoid fizzy drinks; instead use fresh juices and water.

Get on with Calcium and Vitamins:

vitamins to prevent aging

Most skin diseases occur due to deficiency of calcium present in your body. Calcium is a key way to achieve your anti-aging goals and prevent your skin from allergies, infections and even skin cancer. Do not forget to add supplements containing calcium along with all vitamins to your daily diet. Vitamin D3 will help calcium to absorb in your bones and prevent various diseases like joint pains and osteoporosis. Adding necessary Vitamins and calcium to your daily diet will prevent psoriasis, hair fall and weakening of teeth.


Pilates exercise

Now this is quite obvious as we have been studying the benefits of exercise since early school days. Just like exercise is the key to stay fit and healthy, it is also a key to delay the aging process. Research shows that 30 minutes of normal exercise a day can make you look younger up to 10 years. If you are not comfortable with a gym, go outdoors. Go for a swim, a morning or evening walk, cycling or anything you feel comfortable with and take deep breaths while you exercise to inhale fresh oxygen to beautify your skin and boost your immune system.

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Stay Happy! Be an Optimist

“No one is in charge of your happiness but you” -Warren Buffett. It is not necessary to stuff your head with everything. Sometimes, it’s okay to let go things. Start your day with a smile in the mirror and think positive, you are surely going to make a great day. Critics will always be super active, let them be. Just get up and do your best. Happiness comes from within you, not from your circumstances. If you do not rage, you won’t age!



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