surprising health facts

12 Surprising Health Facts

“Take Care of Your Health, it is the only place you have to live in.” Taking care of your health does not require hours of training at gym and lengthy diet plans, all you need is to make yourself conscious about what you eat and what you do throughout the day. Here are some surprising […]


Fitness Tips for Office Executives

Office work generally takes late night sit-ins and sedentary hours. From Desktop screens to conference rooms, typical office lifestyle can be a silent killer to your mental and physical health. Lack of physical activity, being overworked with stress and nasty deadlines are few aspects of an unhealthy office lifestyle. Here are some useful tips to […]

microwave oven

Here’s Why you Should Never use Microwave Oven

Microwave oven has gained immense popularity in our homes due to its convenience of reheating food products. Microwave oven has become a necessary kitchen appliance in the recent years. Apart from reheating foods, modern microwave ovens have the ability to cook different types of frozen foods like meat and fish. But apart from enormous convenience, […]


Must Read: Depression among Students in Pakistan

Let’s talk about something that is infecting the budding roots of our society. Depression among students is a growing menace in our society. Every now and then, we come across news about students committing suicide for failure in exams or due to violence of teachers. But there’s hardly anything we have ever done to uproot […]


5 Reasons you Must Learn Swimming

Exercising in gym or outdoors can be tiring and exhaustive especially when you are drenched in sweat. Getting sweaty and stinky can be really awful at times. If you do not like exercising in sweat, you need to realize the importance of swimming. More than just fun, swimming is a highly beneficial fitness activity. Here […]


4 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Being a Pet owner is an amazing experience. If you have ever owned a pet, you might know that it is quite a lot of fun to have a pet in your life. More than just fun, pets can have surprising benefits on mental and physical health. More than 30 years of scientific research evidence […]


5 Reasons You Should Ride a Bicycle EveryDay

Nearly every one of us has learned to ride a bicycle in their childhood. But as soon as we grew up, we got rid of our bicycles and replaced them with a car or a motorbike perhaps. Have you ever wondered that why do some people in the European countries never get rid of their […]

Research: Seeing Natural Beauty Kills Depression and Anxiety

Depression can be life-threatening, especially when accompanied by an unpleasant and stressful environment. Depression can affect people for a lifetime, causing severe mental and physical inabilities. Anti-depressants and psychotherapies are common essentials to deal with depression and anxiety. But fact of the matter is that these essentials may not show long-lasting results for one or […]

How to reduce smoking side effects

How to reduce the side effects of smoking

Smoking has always been a hot topic when it comes to health and medical advice. Some addictive smokers are not able to get rid of their smoking habits despite various medical problems. Getting rid of smoking habits may not be as easy as it is perceived to be. To live a healthy life, getting rid […]

Building biceps without weights

Here’s how to build biceps without being at gym

Nearly everyone wants to know the secret of gaining inches to their biceps. Boys want their biceps to be big whereas women want them to be lean and toned. It’s a general perception that your arms make you look attractive and impressive. Biceps are not something people are born with: Gaining robust biceps requires consistency and […]

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