Side effects of fast foods

5 Worst side effects of eating Fast Foods

In the recent years, the demand of fast food has increased up to a massive scale. It’s not just the taste of fast food that attracts consumers, but the quick service time that does not let you wait for more than a few minutes. Due to the fact that fast food is cheap and readily […]

office workout

7 minutes workout for Home or Office

Workout has always been mistakenly connected to gymnasiums and fitness rooms. Gym and fitness rooms are just to formalize your workout sessions. Almost all gym workouts has an alternate exercise that can be performed almost anywhere whether at office or at home. And there’s every reason to spend at least 7 minutes for these workouts […]


7 Ultimate tips to Prevent Aging

Who wants to age when it is said that ‘age is just a number’? How many times have you admired celebrities thinking that why do these people never age? You might also be aware of the fact that there is a lot of money and effort involved in terms of cosmetic surgeries that makes these […]

prevent acne and pimples

Best Home Remedy for Acne

Tired of Using Steroids, Pills, Injections and antibiotic medications for weight loss and acne? Let our home remedies section do the job for you. Today I am going to share an easy home remedy for Acne Control and Weight loss. This drink is generally called “Water Detox”. You may add or drop the quantity of […]

protein shakes

Are Protein Shakes bad for you?

The result of your exercise and workout depends on your nutrition and the intake level of protein. Using protein shakes has been a common workout suggestion from fitness trainers. But the question is that are protein shakes really beneficial for health and muscle gains? More than natural edibles? As a matter of fact, it is […]


Why Plank? Here are some surprising Benefits

Loosing excessive fat and getting in shape has always been considered quite problematic due to the fact that losing weight and getting in shape has always been mistakenly associated to joining a gym. As a matter of fact, people used to stay fit and well-shaped before the advent of professional gyms a century ago. The […]

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