holy quran

5 Foods Mentioned in Holy Quran

“Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose.”  Fruits that grow in black mud and extract their nutrients that become beneficial for human but the direct mud may cause various allergies to the human bodies. But, the point to ponder here is, how fruits know to absorb only those nutrients that will only […]

skip breakfast

5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Getting late to school or work, we often end up missing our breakfasts. If you have been irregular with your breakfast meals, here’s something really important for you. Here are some reasons you should never skip breakfast. Prevents from Gaining Weight People who eat breakfast in the morning are less likely to gain weight. A research published […]

eating fish

4 Amazing Benefits of Eating Fish

We are often not aware of nutrition benefits of foods we eat or ignore in our daily meals. Our lunch and dinner menu is over populated with dishes of Red meat and chicken but we generally tend to ignore the importance of sea foods. You may not be familiar with the key benefits of eating seafood. […]

sleeping pills

5 Reasons you Should not take Sleeping Pills

There comes a time in our lives when we rely on sleeping pills before going to bed. The problem could be insomnia, stress, or tiredness. But it is better to know that everything that exists doesn’t need to be taken. Instead of reducing the problems, sleeping pills could prove to be very dangerous for you […]

healthy habits

5 Healthy Habits of Highly Successful People

“Health is Wealth”. This proverb defines the preliminaries of success. Success is bordered by health and hard work.  Over the years, Successful people have been adopting some habits in order to keep themselves strong and healthy. Evolving your corporate schedule with healthy habits will help you achieve milestones. Here are 5 healthy habits of highly successful people. […]


6 Simple Tips to Relieve Stress

Stress is what we all deal with through out the day. It could arise from our relationships, work routines, or studies. Getting stressed isn’t a big deal but what matters is that how to get rid of that stress. Stress and depressions could negatively affect your physical and mental health. Stress goes a long way in affecting […]

Reported: 50 Million People in Pakistan Suffering from Mental Illness

A research made with respect to world’s mental health day revealed that more than 50 million Pakistani’s are suffering from mental illness. Mental illness can include anxiety, depression, mental disorders or mental instability. Not only physical health, but mental health is also important for a perfect life. Therefore, it is better for you to have awareness about […]

high heels

5 Reasons you should not Wear High Heels

Ladies’ love for wearing high heels can never fade out. High heels are perceived to add beauty to your outfit and style. But along with this, some ladies may also face multiple side effects of wearing high heels. Here are some side effects of wearing shoes with high heels. 5 side effects of wearing high heels   Joint […]

weight loss

3 Home Remedies to Lose Weight Quickly

Obesity is one of the most common problems these days. Almost everybody is seeking for simple weight loss tips as they don’t want quit their favorite meals. Here’s are simple home remedies to lose ample kilograms of weight. But it is important to note that eating healthy food for weight loss won’t show best results without workout and […]

weak eyesight

3 Things you Must do to Prevent Weak Eyesight

Vision is one of the most precious gifts of god we can cherish. And we really make use of this blessing all the time. Losing your eyesight can be a nightmare. But as a matter of fact, weak eye sight is a common heard complain from people of all age groups. If given proper attention, weak […]

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