What causes broken nails? From problems to remedies.

Most of us are well conscious about our broken nails, but what causes the nails to split when they grow? The breaking of your nails might leave you worried at times. There could be numerous reasons causing the nails to break. Broken nails are not only annoying but embarrassing as well. Nail splitting is referred to as ’Onychoschizia’. It is a condition causing the nails to split horizontally. It is a widespread problem, especially among the women. Here are some reasons of nail splitting that will help you in preventing nail splitting.

Causes of Broken Nails/Nail Splits

Frequent Wetting of Hands

Wet Hands

The reason why nail splitting is most commonly noticed among women is the wetting and drying of their hands in a frequent manner. Due to the fact that women are frequently involved into washing, laundry, cleaning and other household activities, therefore they often face splitting and breaking of nails. Nurses, house maids, and hairdressers are also affected by this problem due to frequent hand washes. For ultimate hand care, it is highly recommended to wear latex gloves before engaging yourself in any household activity that requires wetting your hands.

Nail Cosmetics

Nail Cosmetics

Nail cosmetics play a major role in breaking your nails. Regular Nail cosmetic users have their nails split quite often. Nail polishes and nail removers are composed of the harsh chemicals which makes your nails feeble and ultimately splits them.

Medical Problems

Medical Problems

Medical problems can cause the nails to break. Malnutrition, gland diseases, and skin diseases could be counted as the major problems causing splitting of nails. Having a history of kidney, lungs, or liver diseases can also contribute to this problem. Skin diseases are not only a threat to the skin, but to the nails as well. Taking antibiotics for their skin problems could probably leave a side-effect adding up another option in the causes of broken nails.

Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

There is a sure need of iron in our body which keeps our body function in their best order. Owing to iron deficiency in our body, various problems could occur. Nail splitting is one of them.

Vitamin-A deficiency

Vitamin-A Deficiency

The other deficiency which causes the nails to break is the shortage of vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins necessary for the nails to keep them strong and in shape. So, when your body lacks vitamin A, this results in nail peeling or nail splitting.


Stating some of the very simple remedies for preventing and curing broken nails.


Healthy Diet

First of all, improve your diet as it is a  natural remedy for curing broken nails. You need to intake healthy food having high rich fiber and iron. Foods like red meat, fruit, vegetables, milk and juices will prevent your body from having any shortage of vitamins or iron.
The foods that should be avoided includes , oily meals, white flour, sugar and foods that are high in fats.

Olive oil

Olive Oil

One simply home remedy to get rid of broken nails is to mix olive oil with lemon juice and honey, and apply the mixture to your nails before you go to bed.

Warm water

Warm Water Remedy

Soak your fingers in warm water for about 10 minutes. Dry them and apply some moisturizing cream on your hands. Repeat this process daily.

In addition to these remedies, the other remedies for curing nail splits include massaging your nails with vegetable oil. Applying moisturizing cream daily to your hands will keep your hands and nails moisturized and prevent them from drying out.




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