Should I Eat Eggs without Yolk?

A comprehensive daily nourishment plan should always have eggs in it. Boiled Eggs are a great source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins. Since more than a while, there has been a great debate that whether eggs whites are more beneficial than the whole egg or not? Some nutritionists are of the view that eating the whole egg is more beneficial as compared to egg white only, while others believe that egg whites are much better source of protein than the whole egg. Let us explain both the arguments.

Eating the whole egg:


Eating one Omelette or boiled egg a day whether in breakfast or some other time won’t cause any harm to you unless you have had a history of high cholesterol or acute stomach heat. But eating more than one egg a day might result in high cholesterol, blood pressure and stomach heat. Even if you are eating one full egg a day and you have had a history of high cholesterol, be mindful of how much cheese and meat you are consuming in a day. However, if you are undergoing vitamin, calcium or protein deficiencies, one boiled egg a day is the best source of nourishment for you. One whole Egg contains:



Eating Egg Whites Only:


Eating egg whites just because you are calorie conscious does not make any good sense. Egg whites are just a small subset of complete egg nutrients. Egg whites should only be used if you have a high blood pressure or cholesterol tendency. However, whites of a full boiled egg can be consumed as post workout meals because they contain 0(g) fat. Egg whites are also beneficial in intense summer workouts as they prevent stomach heat because of nil cholesterol in them. Egg whites generally contain:




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