Effective Exercises for a Powerful Mind

This is the rule of the nature that not everyone is blessed with an intelligent and quick responsive mind. But no matter how much intelligent you are, you will always need a break to relax and revive your productivity. If you keep using your mind for a long time without giving it some time to relax,  you are actually affecting your brain’s power to think and respond efficiently. Even if you are naturally gifted with extraordinary strong brain, there’s no way that your mind doesn’t needs rest.

One of the very famous and known personality, Steve Jobs himself told the secret of his brain strength. He revealed some simple exercises he did in his daily life. Steve believed that these exercises are not just helpful in relaxing his mind but also makes him strong and sharp to work more efficiently. These exercises are not some unique or special techniques. In fact, they are known as “awareness meditation” that has been originated from Zen Buddhism and Daoism and are still adopted by people.

Here are some easy steps of exercise that will help you to relax your mind and relieve stress while strengthening your brain.

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 Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is find a quiet place. Sit cross-leg on a flat mat or pillow and take deep breaths.


Step 2:

Now after closing your eyes try to look inside yourself. Let your mind play all the stuff going on in your head. Do not interrupt or try to stop, just let your mind go on with the flow. The part of mind responsible for this type of thinking is “monkey mind”. Do this daily for five to ten minutes.

Step 3:

After five to ten minutes if your mind is still revolving around different stuff and you are unable to calm yourself then try to divert your attention towards your “ox mind”. This part of the mind is responsible for creating a soothing and calming effect. It thinks slowly and does not make any judgments or look out for reasons instead it keeps sensing. Before trying this exercise you might think that it is some sort of misconception or stupidity but once you try you will witness its existence yourself.

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Step 4:

If you think that you can suddenly divert your attention from “monkey mind” to “ox mind”, then no it is not possible. It will take some time to move your attention. Try to imagine things that help to keep you calm. They can be anything either you past memories or something you dream of. When you start imagining such things it will slowly start to level your breath while distracting your monkey mind. Keep doing it until you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Step 5:

Once you start feeling inner-self quiet and tranquil you will sense the little things around you that you are unable to notice in a normal routine. You can feel the blood flowing in your body. The soft blow of air touching your skin. You will feel freedom from the world around you and your soul speaking.


Step 6:

Now slowly open your eyes. When you open your eyes, you will feel as if something is changed. Although the things will be same but your perception will be clearer and new. You will observe things in a manner you have never perceived before. It will be like discovering a new ability in yourself.

At first, you will take some time to understand what is happening. But eventually, after some days of doing this exercise, you will start exploring your inner strengths and will attain higher awareness levels.




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