Fitness Tips for Office Executives

Office work generally takes late night sit-ins and sedentary hours. From Desktop screens to conference rooms, typical office lifestyle can be a silent killer to your mental and physical health. Lack of physical activity, being overworked with stress and nasty deadlines are few aspects of an unhealthy office lifestyle. Here are some useful tips to stay fit and healthy while being at your work desk.


Take a Screen Break:


Staring at bright desktop/laptop screens can damage your eyes while affecting the sharpness of your vision. Give a 2 minutes break to your eyes after every hours passed in front of a computer screen. Rinse your eyes with cold water in order to relieve stress stored in the nerves of your eyes.

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Take the Stairs:


If you work in an office building, you will generally take elevators or the lift for reaching out to a particular floor. If you have been doing that: Stop It! Start taking stairs instead of elevators or lifts. Climbing around fifty stairs 5 times a day can burn up to 150 kcal in a day. Moreover, taking the stairs would also help improve blood circulation in your body.

Rely on Pressure Points:


Prolonged sit-ins and lack of physical activity can cause pain in your lower back and legs. In that case, rubbing some particular pressure points can be a great pain reliever for you. Knowing the right pressure points can be a blessing in times of pain.

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Keep yourself hydrated:


Staying hydrated keeps your alert and active all day long. 10-12 glass of water during office hours can go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy in the years ahead. Moreover, stretching your legs and drinking a cup of fresh water can be quite refreshing for your physical and mental fatigue. Furthermore, 10-12 glass of water everyday helps prevent heart attacks.

Use Your Lunch Break:


Using your lunch break effectively can turn out to be a comprehensive fitness deal for you. A 10 minutes’ walk outside your office building or a 5 minutes deep breathing session on the roof top can be highly refreshing and healthy. Moreover, spending few minutes on two rounds of 20 pushups can be worth all the fitness plans.



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