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How To Heal Your Muscles After Workout

Gaining muscles is not as easy as it looks. The reason why most of the people give up on body building is because of all the pain they have to suffer. The main reason behind this pain is formation of new muscles due to extreme workout which is unbearable for the existing muscles. So, if you are experiencing soreness of muscles after workout, you don’t need to panic as it is quite normal to have pain in different parts of body. There are various ways to heal the soreness of your muscles while gaining extra inches. Here’s how to deal with your post workout muscular pains:

Eat Healthy:

eat healthy

Nutrition is one of the essential part of gaining muscles. Without appropriate nutrition, you won’t be able to gain muscles. In fact, improper nutrition can have adverse affects on your body especially if you are engaged in tough workout sessions for muscular gains. Here are some foods that can help you overcome post-workout pains:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Apples, Bananas and Peaches
  • Cherries and Berries
  • Meat (especially fish and salmon)
  • Fermented Foods


Stay Hydrated:

stay hydrated

Our body is composed of 72% of water. So as far as the formation of new muscles is concerned, deficiency of water can turn the tables over.  If you are sweating at gym, the importance of water intake multiplies to a great extent. Be sure to consume 14-16 glasses of water every day in order to avoid soreness of muscles, dehydration and kidney problems.

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Warm up & Light Stretching:


As suggested by most fitness coaches, Warming up your body before extreme workout can be of great help. It energizes all the relaxed muscles of your body which can also result in better performance during workout. There is no doubt in saying that a warmed up body can give you better physical results than a normal body. Performing light stretches after workout can help your body to cool down. Warm up exercises encourages the circulation of blood in and out of your muscles preventing them from any kind of damage.

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Quality Sleep:

Quality Sleep


Appropriate sleep results in formation of stronger muscles with better endurance. If you are gaining muscles without taking proper rest, then I am pretty much sure that you are just wasting your time lifting weights and doing some hardcore stuff. Workout without quality sleep and proper rest is just meant for bearing pain.  If you don’t sleep well, your body and muscles are under severe threat of getting damaged.

People may confuse post-workout pain with cramps. Cramps are mainly caused when your muscles have been stressed to a point where pressure becomes unbearable for them.


Some Useful Tips:

Here are some useful remedies to cure temporary soreness of muscles.

  • As i said earlier, any type of pain and soreness can be healed by proper resting. You just need to take a break from intense physical activities.
  • Icing the sore muscles can also be of great help. But this is to be kept in mind that you should always put the ice bag in towel before you rub it on your skin. Never put ice directly over the skin.





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