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Here’s how women should maintain good health

It is essential for a woman to maintain a perfect health. Women experience various medical problems due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals in their bodies. Vitamins makes the organs of our body to function correctly. Vitamins also help in slowing down the ageing process of women, strengthen their mechanisms of defense and enhance their energy levels. Vegetables and fruits boost up the vitamins and minerals required by your system. Aside from these things, women also need nutrients like anti-oxidants. It is important to know your body needs according to some characteristics. Those characteristics include your body age, formation, profession and functionality of the significant organs. These are essential for your good health.

We know for a fact that doctors can offer even better guidance. Here are simple health and fitness tips that women can follow to maintain a sound mind and a sound body.

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Tips for Good Health:


Reduce your stress level:


  Stress is the biggest issue which is seen in most of unhealthy people. Stress can cause significant health problems, from infertility to higher risks of anxiety, depression and heart disease. Try to reduce your stress level to avoid it adverse effects.

Avoid having over dosage of calcium:

calcium side-effects

 Excess use of calcium increases the risk of the kidney stones and may even risk your heart. If you are under 50, include calcium (1,000 milligrams) in your diet per day, while the women over 50 years should get calcium 1,200 milligrams per day.

Do weight bearing exercises:

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  If done three to five times a week, weight-bearing exercises will help you prevent cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes . Regular exercise also promotes a good figure and improves your psychological conditions.

Get a regular check-up:


 Women should not at all skip their yearly check-up. You never know which virus or bacteria is conspiring against you.

A sound sleep:


 The need of sleep differs with people. For having a good health, it is necessary to get a sleep of 7 hours at least. But if you are likely to face trouble with sleeping, or you’re tired easily, or having trouble concentrating then you are you probably to be sleep deprived. It makes you vulnerable to psychological problems and heart disease.




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