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How to get in Shape after giving Birth

Nearly every women gains fat after the birth of their baby and loses the attraction of their body that she had before getting pregnant. Women often complain about their irregular body shape and weight gain after giving birth to their child. It is a common myth among women that they will be unable to regain a perfect shape after giving birth to their child. As a matter of fact, women get so much busy in taking care of the little creature that they start neglecting their own health and fitness. Here’s how to regain your shape after giving birth.


exercise after giving birth

After the baby is born, mothers get engaged in looking after their baby day and night due to which they are unable to exercise. This makes them  unhealthy and obese. The best way to get back to normal shape is to incorporate a short exercise session in your daily routine. For women who undergo Cesarean and are not able to bear even a slight exertion after delivery, do consult your doctor before you start exercise. But this doesn’t mean you should always be in your bed. Just start with walking slowly around the house for 5 to 10 minutes and when you start feeling comfortable, increase your speed and time gradually.
After you have had a checkup, start doing some light exercise like slowly lifting your baby up towards the ceilings and stretching your pelvic muscles. This type of exercise helps in increasing your metabolism rate as well. Exercise is the only thing that makes your muscles strong and helps you get back in shape.

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Breastfeeding is Important:

breastfeeding after giving birth

It is recommended for mothers to breastfeed their newborns instead of feeding some other products. According to studies, it has been proven that breastfeeding can burn 600 to 800 calories even if you don’t do any exercise and keep sitting all day feeding your baby. Since it is hard to get involved in physical activities in the first couple of months, so sitting idle could result in weight excessive weight gain.
Breastfeeding is very beneficial for women as it is the best way to lose weight without much of struggle and effort. Despite eating lots of food, Some mothers have also claimed a reduction in weight owing to breastfeeding. But there is another thing that should be kept in mind that once a mother stop breastfeeding her baby, she feels a drastic increase in her weight. So in order to maintain a perfect weight, start with some simple exercises while following a proper diet plan.

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Be Careful about what you Eat:

diet after giving birth

After delivery, your diet means everything to you and your baby. Because when you feed your baby, the nutrients passed through breastfeeding are solely dependent on your diet. But this does not mean that you start eating like there is no tomorrow because if you do so it will just lead to increase in body fat and weight. So you must have a proper diet plan that is healthy enough to provide you with all the essential nutrients like fresh fruits, meat and vegetables.

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