Fitness Tips for Office Executives

Office work generally takes late night sit-ins and sedentary hours. From Desktop screens to conference rooms, typical office lifestyle can be a silent killer to your mental and physical health. Lack of physical activity, being overworked with stress and nasty deadlines are few aspects of an unhealthy office lifestyle. Here are some useful tips to […]

sleeping pills

5 Reasons you Should not take Sleeping Pills

There comes a time in our lives when we rely on sleeping pills before going to bed. The problem could be insomnia, stress, or tiredness. But it is better to know that everything that exists doesn’t need to be taken. Instead of reducing the problems, sleeping pills could prove to be very dangerous for you […]

daily-habits that make you fat

8 Daily Life Habits that makes you Fat

Daily life habits add a lot to your overall health and fitness. Healthy lifestyle can go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy. And when it comes to health and fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is a well maintained body weight.  The reason being inappropriate lifestyle, Losing weight can become […]

Reported: 50 Million People in Pakistan Suffering from Mental Illness

A research made with respect to world’s mental health day revealed that more than 50 million Pakistani’s are suffering from mental illness. Mental illness can include anxiety, depression, mental disorders or mental instability. Not only physical health, but mental health is also important for a perfect life. Therefore, it is better for you to have awareness about […]

7 Habits that can affect Eyesight Badly

Eyesight is the most important sense we are blessed with. Either it is nature or it is heritage, everything we witness is because of a blessing known as eyesight. But unfortunately, we have engrossed ourselves in work so much that we are destroying this blessing with our own hands. As a matter of fact your eyesight […]

weak eyesight

3 Things you Must do to Prevent Weak Eyesight

Vision is one of the most precious gifts of god we can cherish. And we really make use of this blessing all the time. Losing your eyesight can be a nightmare. But as a matter of fact, weak eye sight is a common heard complain from people of all age groups. If given proper attention, weak […]


5 Reasons You Should Ride a Bicycle EveryDay

Nearly every one of us has learned to ride a bicycle in their childhood. But as soon as we grew up, we got rid of our bicycles and replaced them with a car or a motorbike perhaps. Have you ever wondered that why do some people in the European countries never get rid of their […]

belly fats

5 Ways to Lose Belly Fats without Dieting

Are you having trouble reducing your belly fats by trying different dieting plans but still not getting effective results? Well, what I suggest is that you must be trying some dieting remedies for burning your belly fats. But let me tell you, not every time dieting is an effective solution for burning belly fats. Here are 5 ways […]

5 Habits That Cause Backache

Pain in the lower back might be connected to the hard lumbar spine, plates between the vertebrae, tendons around the spine and circles, spinal string and nerves, lower back muscles, mid-region and pelvic inner organs, and the skin around the lumbar zone. Backache will influence 80 percent of your body sooner or later in a lifetime and […]

Brain Damage

Habits that can lead to Brain Damage

Every part of our body is of significant importance but our brain is the only part of the body that works twenty-four hours a day. The brain is responsible is for comprehensive functioning of the body from breathing to decision making, walking, eating, sleeping and etc. But we are ignorant of the fact that some of […]

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