Sudden death

7 Daily Life Habits That Can Cause Sudden Death

It is regularly underestimated that our day by day lives are sensibly protected. As a matter of fact, today’s modern lifestyle is expanding our danger of a sudden death. Here are 7 daily life habits that can cause sudden death. Dormant Lifestyle: Sitting at home or in an office throughout the day can likewise build […]

white marks on nail

Myth: White Marks On Nails

Little, white blemishes on finger nails are regularly said to be demonstrative of a calcium lack. Different supposition  recommend an absence of another sort of vitamin or supplement, for example, zinc. Regardless of the prominence of these cases, none of them have been demonstrated valid. What Causes White Spots on Fingernails: White spots on fingernails are […]

Causes of cervical pain

Five Habits that cause Cervical Pain

The cervical region of the body is mainly attached to many muscles that are responsible for support of joints and vertebra. Neck and shoulders are the most used part of the body. Therefore it is very important to take care of them. The improper use of these muscles can have a serious impact on your body. […]

workout mistakes

5 Workout Mistakes That Can Damage Your Muscles

It is not enough to just know about the exercise you are doing or the equipment you are using, you have to train ‘smart’. You must think critically about your workouts, and make sure that every exercise you do has a specific purpose. Most people make big workout mistakes that results in injury. So here are 5 […]

How to reduce smoking side effects

How to reduce the side effects of smoking

Smoking has always been a hot topic when it comes to health and medical advice. Some addictive smokers are not able to get rid of their smoking habits despite various medical problems. Getting rid of smoking habits may not be as easy as it is perceived to be. To live a healthy life, getting rid […]

Cracked Skin

5 Causes of Cracked Skin

Skin plays an important role as a barrier in preventing our body from various infections. Cracked skin is considered as the typical indication of dry skin, although it can also be due to scratches, infections or some other disease. When the skin dries out, it becomes scaly and rough which can cause itching and can […]

Bad Breath

Here’s how to get rid of Bad Breath Naturally

Waking up early in the morning with a smelly breath does not feel refreshing at all. An early morning smelly breath does not only annoy one’s own self but also the one sleeping beside. Bad breath is caused due to bacteria in mouth which does not gets washed away owing to less flow of saliva […]

Shoulder Workouts | StrengthON

5 Workouts for Bigger Shoulders

Do you train shoulders devotedly every week but still can’t feel any progress. Do you suffer from constant pains and having problem building ideal shoulders? Or can’t find out suitable workout for bigger shoulders? Shoulder workout requires some extra attention to form well shaped muscles.  This is your stop for everything regarding workouts for bigger shoulders. Following are […]

Building biceps without weights

Here’s how to build biceps without being at gym

Nearly everyone wants to know the secret of gaining inches to their biceps. Boys want their biceps to be big whereas women want them to be lean and toned. It’s a general perception that your arms make you look attractive and impressive. Biceps are not something people are born with: Gaining robust biceps requires consistency and […]

Do's and Don'ts of dieting

Do’s and Don’ts of Dieting

It is visible that our society is highly obsessed with losing weight and being thin. Making long-lasting lifestyle changes is the most effectual way to lose weight and maintain health. Clean eating is a lifestyle that puts an end to convenience food containing a jumble of unpronounceable ingredients. It focuses on natural foods letting your bodily systems […]

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