Reported: 50 Million People in Pakistan Suffering from Mental Illness

A research made with respect to world’s mental health day revealed that more than 50 million Pakistani’s are suffering from mental illness. Mental illness can include anxiety, depression, mental disorders or mental instability. Not only physical health, but mental health is also important for a perfect life. Therefore, it is better for you to have awareness about some mental disorders and illness, which can be caused by many factors. Mental illness can contribute to various daily life problems.

What causes Mental Illness?

mental illness causes Suicide

Physical health:

Physical health plays a vital role in mental health. The physical illness can lead to low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. People with good physical health tend to have high self-esteem which makes their mental health good.

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Social life:

Social life is another important factor which adversely affects your mind and making you mentally ill. Pakistan lacks social support groups for the rehabilitation of the psychiatric patients. Moreover, social habits like alcohol and drugs are the major reasons of mental disorders.

Financial Pressures:

In the current scenario, Financial Pressures are one of the most disturbing elements for a human mind. Reported an inflation rate of 7.92% from 2010-2016 reveals the true story about economic situation of the country. The increasing rate of inflation also has a disastrous effect on mental health of a common man. The fluctuation in fuel prices, electricity bills and grocery items are one of the most stressing causes of mental illness.

How can you prevent from mental illness?

Follow these instructions to prevent any kind of mental illness.

Keep yourself physically fit:

Physical fitness is very much linked with the mental fitness. In order to avoid mental disorders or mental illness, you need to stay physically healthy. Keep yourself motivated to become regular with physical exercises. Perform daily workouts to keep yourself fresh and active. Devise a healthy meal plan for your nutrition needs. Try to eat and drink foods that are high in proteins. Your diet will affect your physical health, and healthy diet would make you physically strong. Other than exercising and healthy eating, adequate sleep is also necessary for a stable mind. Sleep peacefully for a minimum of 7 hours every day to keep your mind fresh and healthy.

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Stay socially active

Sometimes our mind is stuffed with a lot of things. And when we don’t share it with anyone else, it tends to cause stress. Therefore, it is necessary to be socially active. Try to share what’s going on in your mind. Exchange of friendly opinions is one of the best ways to remain socially active while relieving your level of stress. Share your joy and burdens with your friends and family.

Say no to Drugs:

Psychoactive drugs like alcohol, cannabis, and heroin can affect anyone’s mood. Certain emotions can be caused by these drugs. Mood variations result in the mind variations. So avoiding these drugs is one of the ways to revive your mental health. The intake of such drugs would cause you anxiety, depression, and tensions. And in the long run, you will eventually face mental health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from these fatal drugs, in order to stay away from mental illness.



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