holy quran

5 Foods Mentioned in Holy Quran

“Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose.”  Fruits that grow in black mud and extract their nutrients that become beneficial for human but the direct mud may cause various allergies to the human bodies. But, the point to ponder here is, how fruits know to absorb only those nutrients that will only […]

skip breakfast

5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Getting late to school or work, we often end up missing our breakfasts. If you have been irregular with your breakfast meals, here’s something really important for you. Here are some reasons you should never skip breakfast. Prevents from Gaining Weight People who eat breakfast in the morning are less likely to gain weight. A research published […]

Zamzam water

Benefits of Drinking the Holy Water Zamzam

The holy Zamzam water, holds a great significance in the history of Islam. The Muslims believe that it is not less than a miracle that the Zamzam was found in the middle of desert more than 4000 years ago. When Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S) was crying with thirst under the burning sun, Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) dug the […]

eating fish

4 Amazing Benefits of Eating Fish

We are often not aware of nutrition benefits of foods we eat or ignore in our daily meals. Our lunch and dinner menu is over populated with dishes of Red meat and chicken but we generally tend to ignore the importance of sea foods. You may not be familiar with the key benefits of eating seafood. […]

microwave oven

Here’s Why you Should Never use Microwave Oven

Microwave oven has gained immense popularity in our homes due to its convenience of reheating food products. Microwave oven has become a necessary kitchen appliance in the recent years. Apart from reheating foods, modern microwave ovens have the ability to cook different types of frozen foods like meat and fish. But apart from enormous convenience, […]


5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Chocolates

You must have come across loads of ranting if you are a chocolate lover? From the standpoint of a typical doctor, eating chocolates can cause cavities , weight gain and obesity. Such myths have gained immense popularity in the recent years. But in reality, chocolates have amazing benefits that anyone will be surprised to know. So now stop […]


7 Foods to Increase Brain Power

For physical health we need to intake healthy food but do we need food for intellectual strength and growth? The answer is big YES, you’ll be surprised to know that brain also requires some important nutrients in order to improve its functionalities. In fact brain is the most greedy organ that consumes ten times more than other organs. […]

dinner-avoid foods

Foods you should avoid eating in Dinner

Foods and drinks play a very vital role in shaping your metabolism and overall health. Some food items can be very beneficial for our health if eaten at the right time of the day. Eating certain foods at the right time of the day can be very beneficial for our health. Similarly, there are many […]


5 Foods to Prevent/Cure Wrinkles

Are you worried about your wrinkles despite being young? Or do you want to look young in old age as well? You can definitely look younger and prettier but all that keeps you away from looking beautiful is a wrinkled face. If you’re having a wrinkled face, don’t get stressed, as it would make your wrinkles even worse! You […]

junk food

5 Reasons Not To Eat Junk Food

You may think of junk food as an instantly served meal but it may not turn out to be beneficial for your health in the long run. Here are 5 valuable reasons you should not eat junk food. It Builds Your Danger of Cancer: Lack of fiber is the primary reason behind why junk food […]

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