Here’s What you Should do to Fall Asleep

Do you have problem falling asleep easily at night? Do you want to have a sound sleep? If yes, you do not need to worry. This problem is called insomnia which is also refereed to as the inability to fall asleep. This problem is caused by several reasons. Here i am going to let you know about […]


Things you should do during Pregnancy

The most overwhelming moment a woman can have in her life is holding the hand of her baby. When you get to know you are pregnant and a miracle is unfolding inside you, nothing in this world can give you more happiness. But this journey as easy as it sounds, sometimes you have to face […]

5 Foods for Healthy Nails

5 Foods for Healthy Nails

Perfectly groomed hands and beautifully shaped nails are signs of good health for a woman. Strong and beautiful nails are desired by every single woman. That’s all because the beauty of their hands is associated with the beauty and health of nails to a great extent. Maintaining healthy nails requires you to change your eating […]

Prevent Dead Skin

5 Foods to Prevent Dead Skin

Healthy and fresh skin does not only adds to your beauty but also grooms your personality. A beautiful and healthy skin shows your level of concern about your skin. To make your skin look healthier, it is not necessary to spend large amount of money on beauty treatments, salons, and skin products. There are various vitamin enriched […]

What happens if you swallow a chewing gum

What Happens If You Swallow a Chewing Gum

Almost everybody has swallowed a chewing gum for at least one time in their childhood. And you might have also done that accidentally or knowingly. But the matter is that you have been always told that swallowing a chewing gum is very dangerous. So is it really dangerous? Here’s what happens when you swallow a chewing gum. […]

Having water with food

What happens by drinking water with food?

We are well aware of the fact that people love having cold drinks and water  with a bunch of meal. Especially in a dine out, unlimited refills are considered to be one of the best deals. Even at home, we take a pitcher full of water which ends even before the meal finishes. But probably, we aren’t […]

Red Meat | StrengthON

Should you quit Red Meat for dieting purpose?

When it comes to dieting, you might have heard various opinions about red meat that whether it should be a part of your diet or not? Well, this argument has mixed reviews, with some people claiming that it has its own place in a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Whereas, others suggest that a diet high […]


Here’s What Can Happen If You Drink Too Much Cold Drinks

Fizzy drinks are one of the most consumed beverages throughout the world, second only to water. Some people even accept that they drink more soda drinks than water each day, or no water at all. And probably many of regular soda drinkers know that soft drinks are injurious to health. But have you ever thought […]

Do's and Don'ts of dieting

Do’s and Don’ts of Dieting

It is visible that our society is highly obsessed with losing weight and being thin. Making long-lasting lifestyle changes is the most effectual way to lose weight and maintain health. Clean eating is a lifestyle that puts an end to convenience food containing a jumble of unpronounceable ingredients. It focuses on natural foods letting your bodily systems […]

Side effects of fast foods

5 Worst side effects of eating Fast Foods

In the recent years, the demand of fast food has increased up to a massive scale. It’s not just the taste of fast food that attracts consumers, but the quick service time that does not let you wait for more than a few minutes. Due to the fact that fast food is cheap and readily […]

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