Why Plank? Here are some surprising Benefits

Loosing excessive fat and getting in shape has always been considered quite problematic due to the fact that losing weight and getting in shape has always been mistakenly associated to joining a gym. As a matter of fact, people used to stay fit and well-shaped before the advent of professional gyms a century ago. The concept of gyms was just invented to systematize the way people used to perform fitness exercises. So let’s know for a fact that we can achieve good level of fitness and body shape without even signing up with a gym. Here I will discuss some benefits of ‘Plank’ i.e. one of very effective exercises that can be performed anywhere to stay fit.


How to Plank?


  • Get into the Press up position with your forearms and toes on the floor.
  • Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles with no bending or sagging
  • Keep your head and neck relaxed looking at the floor
  • Try to suck your stomach into your spine allowing yourself to breathe slowly.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds (For Beginners)
  • Repeat Thrice

Muscles Involved:

  • Transverse abdominis
  • Rectus abdominis
  • External oblique muscle
  • Glutes

Now lets’ throw some light on the benefits of Plank:

Increase of Stamina and Muscle resistance:


Plank is a perfect posture to achieve strong stomach muscles. As holding this posture for a few seconds improves your resistance to lift heavy weights and gives you a strong supported back. Plank combined with other abdominal exercises are quite helpful in achieving Six Packs as well. But sole Plank can only give you a six packs look and some hard abdominal muscles.

Low Risk of Backache:

Plank allows you to strengthen your back muscles without putting extra pressure on your spine. When you spine does not have extra pressure on it, you are more likely to develop strong back muscles. Getting regular with Plank will not only strengthen your upper and lower back but will also prove quite helpful in reducing your Back pain.

Improvement in Posture:


Getting your shoulders D-shaped? As you go in the Press Up position, you are not only improving your upper back but also the D-shaped curve of your shoulders. Doing Plank on regular basis will help you in maintaining a good upright long lasting posture. The effect of Plank will also help you in improving your Neck Muscles.

 Mental Improvement:

This might not sound much realistic to you, but Plank does actually help in improving the blood flow to your brain. By sitting at office all day long focusing on a laptop/desktop screen, you develop some stiffness and tension in your head nerves and shoulders. When you form a straight line of your body from head to toes, this allows the blood to flow equally in all parts of the body that are in straight line. This results in extra blood to flow towards your brain which results in overall improvement in nerves and overall mood. Planks are also quite helpful in improvement of anxiety, stress and depression.



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