Research: Seeing Natural Beauty Kills Depression and Anxiety

Depression can be life-threatening, especially when accompanied by an unpleasant and stressful environment. Depression can affect people for a lifetime, causing severe mental and physical inabilities. Anti-depressants and psychotherapies are common essentials to deal with depression and anxiety. But fact of the matter is that these essentials may not show long-lasting results for one or more reasons. According to a research published in the ‘Journal of Extreme Psychology and Medicine’, being outdoors and seeing natural beauty kills depression, anger and anxiety. Here are some mental benefits of witnessing natural beauty.

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Improves Concentration and Focus:

improves focus- reduces depression

Being surrounded by breath-taking Nature improves your concentration and mindfulness which are very effective elements in making you accept things that used to annoy you. Improved Concentration and mindfulness are certain goals of a therapy known as Dialectical Behavior Therapy. A couple of days away from the normal routine and close to natural beauty can be a perfect treatment for anxiety.

Calms Your Brain:

Calms brain- reduces depression

Nature implants a great calming effect to your brain. Being surrounded by nature gives you a perfect reason to exercise while being away from your daily routine. A human body contains endorphins that prompt the feeling of pleasure. Exercising in outdoors boosts your endorphins while giving a soothing effect to your brain. Moreover, a few minutes of outdoor yoga or meditation can relive the tension in your nervous system.

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Increases Your Productivity:

increases productivity- reduces depression

Witnessing Natural beauty does not only act as a mood booster but also improves your level of productivity. Severe depression adversely affects your level of productivity by making you feel psychologically ill. Being in a fresh and relaxed mental state gives you concrete goals with a ripple of hope and confidence to achieve them. This is why some great employers from around the world offer recreational trips for their employees because they know the importance of productivity in every day’s work. Hearing the birds, lying on the grass and seeing the pines reaching for the mountains: What can be more relieving for a human brain?

The therapy of witnessing natural beauty cannot be replaced by a medicine depression treatment. And the best part is that being in nature doesn’t cost you anything at all. Let nature absorb in all your senses and you will get addicted to it.



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