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Should you quit Red Meat for dieting purpose?

When it comes to dieting, you might have heard various opinions about red meat that whether it should be a part of your diet or not? Well, this argument has mixed reviews, with some people claiming that it has its own place in a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Whereas, others suggest that a diet high of red meat is surely a fire path to weight gain. So while working on a weight loss, does red meat deserve place in your diet? Here’s the answer:

Weight loss and red meat:

Weight Loss

Let’s see the role of red meat in weight loss. There are several studies which have suggested that high protein and low carbohydrate diet prove to be effective not only for the weight loss, but also in the maintenance of this loss in the long term.

Another study supported the fact that a moderately increased protein diet intake could result in weight loss and improvements in blood fats.

Weight gain and red meat:

Now let’s discuss some facts about red meat and weight gain. Due to the fact that red meat is high saturated containing unhealthy energy and fats, red meat is mostly targeted for weight gain. Red meat is often consumed in large quantities which ultimately results in obesity and weight gain.  Controlled intake of red meat does not only prevents high cholesterol and uric level but also helps in maintaining a perfect weight.

How appropriate is red meat on a diet of weight loss?

is red meat bad for you

We know for a fact that high red meat intake can lead to increased weight. But controlled amount of meat can also be incorporated into a very healthy weight loss diet. But we can’t deny a fact that a steak as big as dinner plates wouldn’t help you lose weight. However a small and lean cut of meat a couple of times weekly may help with weight loss.

Even if a diet of high protein is followed, this meat shouldn’t be the only protein source. A variety, like fish, eggs, white meat and the plant proteins should make up a totally balanced healthy diet.

It is also essential and necessary for you to follow a diet that is energy deficient. If you are on a mission to lose weight, you must consume calories less than you’re burning in physical activity. So doesn’t matter what food type you eat, if this isn’t the case, you would gain weight.




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