How Smiling is related to Healing


Smile is one of the most precious and amusing things just like a laughter. Its a common saying that laughter is the best medicine. Just like when we are sick we need medicine to recover, a smiling can be the best dose.  Our smile has a great healing power. Whenever you feel upset or tensed or you come across any problems and worries, a quick smile can provide you with necessary amusement and relaxation while relieving your mental and physical tension.

“Laughing makes us happy and Carefree.”

Why Smiling is Important?

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Smile is Contagious. When you see a group of people smiling or laughing, it’s actually hard to control your emotions of smiling. It doesn’t matter how depressed you are, but when you are surrounded with smiling and laughing people you won’t be able to resist your laughter.

Charles Gordy said that a smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. And if you observe people around you, you will see that those people who smile more often are quite attractive. It is common psyche that when you smile people treat you differently. You seem more attractive, relaxed and lively. According to a research, it is claimed that the seeing a person smiling or laughing stimulates your orbitofrontal cortex i.e. the area of the brain responsible for processing sensory rewards, making you feel compensated and rewarded.

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Smiling is equally Good for Brain:

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Smiling also has an amazing effect on the brain. Every time when you smile or laugh, it enforces a really good impression on your brain. It helps in releasing the neuropeptides that helps in fighting against stress. Neuropeptides are the tiny molecules that permit neurons to communicate and signal the body when we feel any emotion. When we smile, all the cheerful neurotransmitters endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin are discharged. Smiling not only relaxes the body, it also lowers the heart rate and blood pressure keeping us happy and healthy.

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Smile is considered to a healing agent because of endorphin released as the result of smiling, act as a natural pain reliever without having any side effects. Also, the serotonin serves as anti-depressant making your mood pleasant and happy.

Have you ever visited anyone in the hospital and stress all around? But you can make the change, you are the one who can give them hope by just making them smile. Various studies have proven that patients who are kept in positive and lively environment tend to recover soon as compared to other patients. Some hospitals even perform smile therapy on their patients. For this purpose,special medical staff is hired in order to help patients relieve stress and develop positive and chirpy feelings for quick recovery.

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“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.”
-Charlie Chaplin



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