Some Surprising Benefits of Eating Corn

Corn, one of the very important grains, is sometimes also categorized as a vegetable. It is a rich source of many important minerals and vitamins. In addition, it also contains fiber that is an essential nutrient for our body. Corn is surprisingly beneficial for your body. Here are some convincing reasons you should eat corn on regular basis.


Keep your Heart Healthy:

Our liver produces two types of cholesterol, a good one HDL, and a bad one LDL. The increase in the quantity of cholesterol can be fatal for the heart. It is mainly due to the excessive intake of fast food and oily things which are very common among teenagers nowadays. The bad cholesterol if increased to a certain level can adversely affect the heart sometimes resulting in a heart attack. Since corns are enriched with Vitamin C, they can control the level of cholesterol maintaining a proper blood flow towards your heart.

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Acts as a Great source of Energy:

Corns contain surprisingly good amount of complex carbohydrates that are not absorbed easily unlike refined carbohydrates. When we eat corns, the carbohydrates and other important nutrients present in them are stored as energy that keeps us energized even after working for a long time. Corns can also be used as a post workout meal because it contains carbohydrates that are digested slowly while providing energy for a long lasting period. Eating corns as a post workout meal will help you prevent excessive tiredness for the entire day.

A Perfect Remedy for Skin:

Corn on the cob contains many important nutrients that are essential for healthy and fresh skin. The antioxidants present in corn helps in preventing skin from getting damaged while increasing the production of collagen that keeps the skin smooth and fresh. In fact, corn is used as an important ingredient in the manufacturing of skin care products. It is either be eaten or can be applied on the skin. Moreover, Corn oil is also quite helpful in reducing the inflammation and rashes on the skin.

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Prevent Diabetes:

According to some most authentic studies, it has been proven that corns are highly beneficial for the patients of diabetes. Corns contain phenolic phytochemicals that helps in maintaining the sugar level in blood by regulating the absorption and release of insulin in the body. People who consume corn kernels regularly are more likely to prevent diabetes and live a happy normal life.


Acts as a Perfect Remedy for Hair:

Corns also act as a perfect repair therapy for damaged and dry hair. Corn oil contains a perfect amount of fatty acids and some other important nutrients that help in keeping the hair healthy and strong. Corn oil prevents intense breakage and dryness of hair while keeping them thick hydrated. Dryness of hair can result in intense hair fall however, antioxidants present in corn on the cob prevents cell damage and premature aging. Using corn oil for hair makes your hair soft and lustrous.






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