Effective Exercises for a Powerful Mind

This is the rule of the nature that not everyone is blessed with an intelligent and quick responsive mind. But no matter how much intelligent you are, you will always need a break to relax and revive your productivity. If you keep using your mind for a long time without giving it some time to relax,  you […]


7 Foods to Increase Brain Power

For physical health we need to intake healthy food but do we need food for intellectual strength and growth? The answer is big YES, you’ll be surprised to know that brain also requires some important nutrients in order to improve its functionalities. In fact brain is the most greedy organ that consumes ten times more than other organs. […]

Brain Damage

Habits that can lead to Brain Damage

Every part of our body is of significant importance but our brain is the only part of the body that works twenty-four hours a day. The brain is responsible is for comprehensive functioning of the body from breathing to decision making, walking, eating, sleeping and etc. But we are ignorant of the fact that some of […]

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