Allow Yourself to Sweat

How To Heal Your Muscles After Workout

Gaining muscles is not as easy as it looks. The reason why most of the people give up on body building is because of all the pain they have to suffer. The main reason behind this pain is formation of new muscles due to extreme workout which is unbearable for the existing muscles. So, if you […]

workout mistakes

5 Workout Mistakes That Can Damage Your Muscles

It is not enough to just know about the exercise you are doing or the equipment you are using, you have to train ‘smart’. You must think critically about your workouts, and make sure that every exercise you do has a specific purpose. Most people make big workout mistakes that results in injury. So here are 5 […]


5 Ways To Increase Your Stamina

Stamina refers to your mental and physical ability which keeps you going in all types of situations. There is nothing wrong in saying that Stamina plays key role for bearing extreme body conditions during every single sports and physical activity, either it’s running or cricket. For beginners, muscular fatigue in early stages of physical activity is very common due […]

office workout

7 minutes workout for Home or Office

Workout has always been mistakenly connected to gymnasiums and fitness rooms. Gym and fitness rooms are just to formalize your workout sessions. Almost all gym workouts has an alternate exercise that can be performed almost anywhere whether at office or at home. And there’s every reason to spend at least 7 minutes for these workouts […]

big biceps

Want to have big biceps? Here’s a complete workout plan for you

A big sized bicep is a desire of every man engaged in intense workout sessions at gym. A muscular body seems incomplete without a big healthy bicep. Big Biceps are considered to be the benchmark of training for every guy’s workout. But have you actually gone through a complete workout plan focusing on bicep building? […]

overdoing at gym

4 signs you are overdoing at gym

Workout is essential for a fit and healthy life but overdoing workout can be fatal. Your motivation and desire for a well-shaped body can make you overdo workout at gym. Injuries caused by excessive workout cannot be recovered overnight. Over exercising can be caused by creating an imbalance between workout and rest. Just the way […]

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