2 items remedy

The 2 Items Remedy for beginning your day

Are you wasting your time and money looking for creams to enhance your looks and keep you beautiful in the long run? If yes, you really need to stop right here! in the quest for looking charming and glamorous, don’t damage and expose your skin to chemicals and artificial substances, . Looking amazingly pretty and enjoying the freshness of skin for the whole day a dream of every woman. Beginning your day with this simple mixture of 2 items will keep you fresh and healthy all day long, also proving itself to be a great remedy to many problems. The results will leave you astonished after a month.

Which 2 items do you need?

You don’t really have to strive for finding the ingredients or getting out of your homes to buy them. These are the simplest ingredients which would readily be available in your kitchen.

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice- 2 items

All you need is just 2 ingredients:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Lemon Juice

All you need to do is mix equal amount of each ingredient i.e.  1 tablespoon each, and drink this in the morning just before starting your day. Start feeling the benefits after a month!

What will this mixture do to you?

These items will do a lot more, from your looks to your food digestion. But some of the prominent pros of this mixture are stated below.

  • Enhance your looks

Enhanced Looks

The antioxidant in the olive oil will leave your skin soft and smooth. The ability of olive oil to remove wrinkles will improve your beauty. The lemon juice adds a lot in removing blackheads and wrinkles from your face. That ultimately will improve your looks and will keep your face fresh.

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  • Fair Complexion

Fair Complexion

Fair complexion is desired by every woman since ages. This mixture is the simplest solution to fair complexion. Avoid artificial stuff and start using this mixture made of natural ingredients. Lemons help in making your skin complexion fair and bright because of they contain vitamin C . So, you don’t have to put an extra effort for making your skin brighter.

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  • Removal of Dark Circles

Dark Circles Lightened

Face beauty ranks down when there are dark circles under your eyes. If you have dark circles, follow this two items remedy on daily basis. After a month of using this mixture, you will see your dark circles lightened or completely gone. The antioxidants in the lemon juice neutralize free radicals due to which these dark circles disappear, making you prettier.


  • Improved Digestion

Better Digestion

This solution will not only help you with your apparent looks but will improve your digestion system as well. Your liver will function actively with the use of this mixture. Antioxidants in olive oil will regulate your liver cells resulting in better digestion. However the toxic damage will be compensated with the lemon juice. This will ultimately improve your digestion and overall metabolism.

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This was the simplest 2 items remedy to the different problems that a woman could face. There exists no simpler solution than drinking 2 spoons of juice daily in the morning.



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