Things you should do during Pregnancy

The most overwhelming moment a woman can have in her life is holding the hand of her baby. When you get to know you are pregnant and a miracle is unfolding inside you, nothing in this world can give you more happiness. But this journey as easy as it sounds, sometimes you have to face hormonal changes that cause mood swings and of course sometimes severe pain in your body. Here are few things that you should do during pregnancy to make your journey safe and pleasant.

Eat Wisely:

Eat Wisely

During pregnancy, you are not only responsible for your health but for your baby as well. But it doesn’t mean that you should eat for two. No, just make sure what you eat is healthy and nutritious. Some women think that they should eat lots of food but as a matter of fact, it can be harmful. The study has proven that when moms-to-be gain excess weight, the babies have a higher risk of obesity later in life. Also gaining a weight during pregnancy cause problems for mothers as well.

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Get a lot of Sleep:

sleep well

During nine months of pregnancy, variation in hormone levels, anxiety and anticipation can affect your sleep. But if you want your baby healthy then it is very important to get at least eight hours of daily sleep. Whenever you feel tired just take a nap. Make a comprehensive sleeping schedule for the day and stick to it no matter what. Regular tiredness and Body fatigue during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Exercise Daily:


There was a time when pregnant ladies used to avoid every type of work. They believed that it is harmful for their baby but in reality, it is vice versa. Exercise helps you to fight against many types of pregnancy issues which includes muscle pain, weight gain, insomnia and some mood swings. You should even consult your doctor about any adjustments you need to make especially when you enter into your second and third trimesters. Ask your gynecologist to suggest you some simple exercises that are safe and comfortable for you and your baby.

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 Take Multivitamins:


Eating a healthy and balanced diet may be the best way to intake all essential nutrients. However, during pregnancy it is not just enough.

A Pregnant mother requires vitamins containing a high level of nutrition like iron, folic acid, and calcium. These vitamins will help in proper development of the fetus and prevent birth defects. Ask your doctor to recommend you some multivitamins according to your body. The most important nutrients include omega-3 fats which are highly beneficial for the development of the baby brain.

Stay Positive and Happy:


Being calm and positive is very important for pregnant women. Studies prove that it is very natural for women to have depressing thoughts during this stage of life but taking stress during pregnancy can harm the development of the baby in more than one way. Try to surround yourself with a happy and positive emotions. It will help you relax, engulfing your baby with pleasant and delightful emotions. Happiness comes from within you, not from your circumstances.



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