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StrengthON provides high quality, informative Blog Posts related to Health and Fitness. We are an open platform and we encourage you to write for us and share your knowledge of Health and fitness using this platform.

Become a Contributor:

Please send in your write-ups in a Word file along with your Resume, Author’s Biography and a small sized picture to ‘editorial@strengthon.com’. We will assess your writing skills and publish your write-ups making you a part of our Blogging Workforce.

What can you write about?

To get an idea of what we write about, please thoroughly check our website. You can write about anything as long as it falls under the category of health and fitness. We encourage informative blog posts with relevant pictures.

Before You Write!

Your write-ups will be read by hundreds and thousands of internet users out there. So as a StrengthON contributor, you are supposed to submit original and plagiarism free content. Please conform to the following rules before you write:

  • Be Creative and detailed in your writings.
  • Do proper research on the subject before planning your content.
  • Verify your content for any misleading information before submission.
  • Do not share your opinion, only share the right knowledge.
  • Follow the correct writing standards
  • Your articles should not have any kind of grammatical or spelling errors.

What we truly discourage:

  • Any wordings related to Religion and Politics.
  • Any content that might create a controversy.
  • Any content opposing or endorsing a particular individual, race, group or a party.
  • Selling of products.
  • Any write-ups for advertising a particular brand.

Citation of Sources:

When using information from a particular reference, remember to write it in “quotation marks” and cite the sources giving with the correct title.

A note on Plagiarism:

We have a strict policy on Plagiarism. We use modern tools to identify the level of plagiarism in your articles. Therefore, we suggest you to be original in your writings for the acknowledgement of your work.

Got Questions?

We are always here to answer your queries before you start writing. Let us know your thoughts at ‘editorial@strengthon.com’.

Together we aspire to add Strength to People’s Life.