Glowing Skin

5 Excellent tips for Glowing Skin

Skin is considered to be the most upfront part of your personality. Think if that part is not at its best or dull what kind of first impression you will have on others. If you have a fresh and glowing skin, it will not only make you attractive and beautiful but also enhance your confidence level. If you don’t have flawless and glowing skin, you don’t need to worry at all because here are some very easy and excellent tips for a flawless and glowing skin.

Drink plenty of fresh water:

Drink Water

Our body contains 70% of water whereas it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water every day. Water is one of the best replacement for anti-aging creams. It moisturizes your skin and makes it fresh and glowing. Drinking plenty of water can also help in preventing the skin diseases like dry skin, wrinkles and spots etc. and make you skin flawless.

Avoid contact with the sun:


As we all know that the sun emits very harmful UV rays that can not only damage our skin but could be the cause of skin cancer as well. If you go out during day time avoid sun rays to make direct contact with your skin by applying some medicated sun block or cover your skin with clothes. This will help in keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Physical activities:

physical activity

It has been a misconception that exercise is only to keep the body in form or lose weight etc. The fact of the matter is that doing exercise and other physical activities also helps in maintaining a fresh and healthy skin. As exercise drains sweat, it flushes away toxins from our body so the more you sweat, the more toxics you are draining. Sweating is known as the best cleansing method for the skin.


Use fresh fruits and vegetables daily:


Vitamins are considered very important for healthy and pure skin. Make fresh fruits and vegetables a necessary part of your daily. The juicy green vegetables provide a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that are really important for your health. It not only makes our skin perfect but also provides a great help in digestion hence making our skin pure from acne and pimples.

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Get proper sleep:

sleep well

Doctors recommend 8 hours of night sleep for a sound body and a sound mind. The lack of proper sleep may result in stress which leads to the dull and unhealthy skin. Medical science has proven that stress can increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. It also causes dark circles and under-eye bags hence making skin very unhealthy. Good and adequate sleep results in secretion of growth hormones that helps in repairing and rebuilding body tissues hence making our skin not only fresh but also makes us look younger.



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