5 Reasons you Must Learn Swimming

Exercising in gym or outdoors can be tiring and exhaustive especially when you are drenched in sweat. Getting sweaty and stinky can be really awful at times. If you do not like exercising in sweat, you need to realize the importance of swimming. More than just fun, swimming is a highly beneficial fitness activity. Here are 5 Reasons you must learn to swim for the better.

Encourages Weight Loss:

Swimming is by and large associated with quick weight loss and fat burning. In 30 minutes since the first dip in water, a swimmer burns around 365 calories. Swimming does not let your feel the intensity of hardcore effort that is required to lose weight. With a stroke in water, you do not feel the weight of lower body which makes it easier to exercise and burn more calories. Swimming is the right type of exercise for people who are willing to ample amount of weight without undergoing tough workout sessions.

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Is Equally Good for your Mind:

Floating with the waves of water can be refreshing like anything. 74% of the swimmers agree to the fact that swimming is one of the most effective exercises to relieve tension and stress. However, 68% of the swimmers agree that being in water is like an addiction to them due to the fact that water helps them feel good about personality by increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, another study reveals that swimmers are more prone to resist negative emotions like depression, stress and anxiety.

A Perfect way to Strengthen Muscles:

Swimming is a perfect way to train all your muscles in a single go. Swimming allows you to train your shoulders, arms, legs, glutes and back: Which means added strength and power with every minute spent under water. What’s more important to know is that swimming is a low intensity workout which only makes you feel 10% of your body weight. That means you can build and strengthen your muscles without putting extra pressure on your bones.

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Induces a Perfect Sleep:

Swimming is a perfect way to fall asleep every night without using pills: It relaxes your body, mind and muscles while making you feel contended. According to some well-known health experts, swimmers are least likely to report problems like insomnia, lack of sleep or disturbed sleep. My personal experience of swimming classes endorses this fact as well.

Perfect Remedy for Pain:

As exercising puts extra pressure on your joints and muscles, painful or damaged muscles can limit your scope of exercise and workout. But swimming is the only way to exercise without exerting pressure on your joints and damaged muscles. For people suffering from chronic backache, try walking in a pool making sure that at least 75% of your body remains underwater. Moreover, try curling your legs in a cycling position by holding the rod of the pool: this works as a perfect strengthening exercise for your thighs, hips and back.



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