6 Simple Tips to Relieve Stress

Stress is what we all deal with through out the day. It could arise from our relationships, work routines, or studies. Getting stressed isn’t a big deal but what matters is that how to get rid of that stress. Stress and depressions could negatively affect your physical and mental health. Stress goes a long way in affecting your quality of life. So here are some simple tips to relieve stress and get back to a comfortable mental state.

Share It:

Sharing your problems and your thoughts is a great way to relieve stress. It feels good to share your thoughts and opinions that make you stressed. Call your friends or relatives, tell them your affairs and ask for their suggestion. You might find a way out for your problems or atleast get rid of problematic stress.

Laugh out Loud:

And in our daily lives, we tend to use “LOL” in the conversations which is never too funny! It’s time to get rid of the “LOL” factor in your daily life when you are stressed. Laugh out loud and hard, as laughing out doesn’t only relaxes the mental load but also reduces the level of stress hormones in your body. It helps in boosting your brain fluids which ultimately results in improvement of mood. Try diverting your attention towards the one who could make you smile. Either it is a TV show or the one you love.

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Go for the food

According to different types of research, food is something which can boost up your mood. If you are stressed and all your hunger is gone, don’t worry! Just go out with your friends or your loved one and have snacks or ice cream. Or else hang out with your buddies to some restaurant and plan a movie show to get even more relaxed.

Wash your hands out

It sounds funny washing your hands to relieve stress, right? Well, many people are non-familiar with the fact that our immune system is suppressed with stress and depression. And this suppression causes us to be more susceptible to germs of cold viruses. Therefore, the best defense we could have is washing our hands with the warm water for 15-20 seconds, with a anti-bacterial hand wash.

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Have a deep breath:

A 5-minutes break for focusing on your breath can be worth it. Leave everything for a while, sit straight to the back with eyes closed. Long inhale your breath through your nose and exhale in the same way through your mouth. Don’t hurry! Repeat it several times and you would feel much better.

Recall your Great Moments:

Diversion from current tensed situation to a peaceful situation would affect your mind positively. Stop thinking about what bothers you and recall some lovely moments you have had in the past. Either it was your wedding day or a birthday bash, a flash from the past can be a perfect stress reliever. This simple trick would make you feel better making your strong enough for fighting the current tensed situation you are dealing with.




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