Causes of cervical pain

Five Habits that cause Cervical Pain

The cervical region of the body is mainly attached to many muscles that are responsible for support of joints and vertebra. Neck and shoulders are the most used part of the body. Therefore it is very important to take care of them. The improper use of these muscles can have a serious impact on your body. Mostly people think that the pain in cervical region is due to some illness or injuries but they unaware of the fact that our everyday habits can lead to severe neck pain. This pain can be caused by various daily life habits that we think are of no importance such as using laptops and mobiles, reading books, watching TV, improper sleeping posture etc.

Here are some habits that can cause cervical pain:


Sleeping position:

Sleeping Position

One the very major habits that can cause neck pain is improper sleeping posture. When we are deeply asleep, our head can fall into any position that can cause tension in neck muscles. And being in the same position can cause severe neck pain. While asleep, it is generally advised to sleep on your side or back to avoid cervical pain. People who sleep on their stomach tends to have bad neck pains because twisting neck to a specific side exerts pressure on neck muscles causing terrible neck pain.

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Stress in one the very common cause of cervical pain. Stress can create tension in muscles making them stiff and sore. It mostly causes pain in neck and shoulder. Try being optimist and happy. Do not let odds rule over your mind.

Smartphones and Laptops:

using smartphones

Smartphones and Laptops have become as important as oxygen for us. A very common term known as “text neck” is caused due to constant use of Laptop/smartphone. Using Laptops and smartphones by looking down at the screen can be a serious threat for your neck muscles and cervical. In order to keep your neck muscles relaxed, it is highly recommended to use all electronic gadgets at your eye level keeping with our neck and head straight.

Carrying a heavy Luggage:


Carrying bags, briefcases, and purses either at airport, school or work can cause tension in your neck muscles. Sometimes carrying heavy luggage cannot only cause tension in neck muscles but it can also lead to muscle spasm in your backbone resulting in awful pain to these areas of the body.

Poor Body Posture:

Bad posture

A lot of people suffer from cervical pain due to their bad body postures. The significant reason for poor posture is that we do not pay attention to our spine. In fact, most of us slouch in our chairs especially using laptops, watching TV or reading books. This irregular position of our body adds extra pressure to neck and spine leading to severe cervical discomfort.



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