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7 Foods to Prevent Facial Hair

The unwanted growth of facial hair is very frustrating and common problem among women. It can be either due to genetic problems or hormonal changes. The main reason considered for excess hair on the face and others part of the body is, increase in the testosterone levels. It is not necessary to undergo expensive laser treatment or medication in order to get rid of facial hair. Here are some foods that will not only help you to prevent facial hair but also make your skin healthy.


Banana is very beneficial food enriched with vitamin B. The testosterone is the main the reason for the growth of facial hair. Vitamin B not only hinders the absorption of testosterone by body tissues but also balance prolactin level in the body. This results in prevention of unwanted facial hair. So start eating a banana and enjoy marvelous benefits.


Vitamin E enriched foods:

According to many dermatologists, Vitamin E plays an important role in lowering the impact of testosterone in the body. Hence preventing the excess growth of facial hair especially around the chin, upper lip, and forehead. There are many foods in which vitamin E is found naturally, like turnip, almond, pumpkin seeds and spinach etc. Start eating them and you will experience unbelievable benefits.


Nuts and Seeds:

Many nuts and seeds like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds contain magnesium. This essential nutrient does not only help in decreasing the effect of testosterone but also makes skin fresh and glowing. If the testosterone concentration in the body is controlled, it will automatically reduce the growth of facial hair. Add them in your diet to get astonishing results.


Cabbage is the natural source of calcium D-Glucarate. It helps in detoxifying hormones and also decreases the testosterone levels and normalize androgens. This will prevent the growth of facial hair and will keep your skin dehydrated.

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Lettuce is very beneficial for the women who are victims of excess body hair growth. It contains a good amount of an important mineral chromium that is medically used for the treatment of facial hair. If you are getting one thing naturally with no side effects then why to go for expensive treatments? You can add lettuce leaves in your daily diet by using it in salads.


Cinnamon contains very good quality nutrients that help in increasing insulin sensitivity in the body. The good concentration of insulin in the body reduces the testosterone and hence preventing the undesired growth of facial hair.

Green tea:

Many women use green tea to lose weight. But the recent studies have proven that it also helps in treating the unwanted facial and body hair. Green tea after every lunch and dinner will provide additional benefits like improved digestion, better hair, nails and skin.




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