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Foods you should avoid eating in Dinner

Foods and drinks play a very vital role in shaping your metabolism and overall health. Some food items can be very beneficial for our health if eaten at the right time of the day. Eating certain foods at the right time of the day can be very beneficial for our health. Similarly, there are many food items that should be avoided for dinner, because the rate of metabolism is slower at night as compared to the day time. Here are some food items you should never eat before going to bed.

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Mexican or Thai Food:

mexican food in dinner

Having dinner in your favorite restaurant might make you order Mexican or Thai food. These foods are quite delicious and mouth-watering especially if you have had them before. Quite often, people are attracted towards Mexican foods for their dinners. Well, this could be a cause of problems for us. These foods are basically high in spices and artificial flavors. Moreover, they are high in calories and fats as well. Therefore, eating Mexican and Thai food can cause heartburn, bloating and digestion problems during the night. And all of the healthy diet you had taken during the day would go vein. Therefore, try to avoid foods that are high in spices and fats.  Furthermore, having spicy foods might also cause acidity in stomach and chest while sleeping.

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cereal in dinner

This is the food we go for when we don’t find anything pleasant cooked at our homes. Well, cereal is meant to be taken as a breakfast and never to be eaten in your dinner. Basically, cereals are high in sugar and when you are eating it during the night then it surely would boost up your blood sugar. Boosted blood sugar during your sleep could create many different problems like increasing your blood pressure, etc. Therefore, avoid eating cereals as a part of your dinner.

Red Meat:

red meat for dinner

Just like other foods high in fat, red meat would also be a bad dinner choice for you. It’s not that you should totally quit red meat in your dinner, but its better to eat in a lesser quantity. This is because the red meat would go to your stomach and would stay there, creating digestion problem while you are on your bed. This can further lead to increase in blood pressure, uric acid and high risk of hepatitis.

Above mentioned were some of the very important foods which you should avoid taking in your dinner. Another important tip to make your bedtime peaceful and sound is to eat less in dinner. Taking heavy meals before bedtime can cause Gastro and other intestinal problems. Some other food items like, flavored yogurt, ice-cream, and dark chocolates should also be avoided before going to bed.



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