Brain Damage

Habits that can lead to Brain Damage

Every part of our body is of significant importance but our brain is the only part of the body that works twenty-four hours a day. The brain is responsible is for comprehensive functioning of the body from breathing to decision making, walking, eating, sleeping and etc. But we are ignorant of the fact that some of our very common habits we affects the central part of our body. Here are some of our attitudes that can lead to brain damage.


smoking causes sudden death

When we think about smoking, the first thing come to our mind is “caution.!!! it causes cancer” but have you ever tried to know how much it affects the brain? The nicotine present in the cigarette is very harmful to the brain as it affects your brain cells that are responsible for keeping your brain active. Nicotine can also cause the brain cells to shrink and even if inhaled in large quantity, it leads to ‘Alzheimer
disease in which leads to severe memory loss.

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Over Eating:

over eating causes brain damage

Excess of everything is bad and same is the case with food. Sometimes we enjoy our food so much that we eat beyond our appetite and later it causes a problem. One of the main problems is that overeating leads to the hardening of brain arteries that reduces our mental capabilities.


Deprivation of Sleep:


Sleep is very important for the brain to function properly. Your mind becomes tired of managing your daily functioning if you do not sleep properly. Just like other parts of the body our brain also needs some rest otherwise the brain cells will start to die eventually decreasing its efficiency. From studies, it has been found that during sleep, the brain cleanses itself from harmful toxins.


Covering head while sleeping:

cover head-brain

During winters, it is a common habit to sleep with a covered head to prevent ourselves from cold. But what we don’t know is that this habit can result in severe brain damage. When we sleep with covered head the concentration of oxygen in our brain is reduced hence multiplying the level of carbon dioxide. Not getting enough of oxygen can cause brain damage.

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Working when you are Sick:

working sick brain

Being Workaholic is not a wise idea when it comes to your overall health. Working hard can get you a million bucks but at the cost of your health. It is very important for our brain to rest when we are sick. Working during sickness can not only cut your level of immunity by half but can also permanently decrease the level of productivity your brain possess.  Ignoring your sickness can reduce the efficiency of the brain resulting severe and long-term brain damage.


Too much Sugar Consumption:

cold drinks

Nowadays, cold-drinks have become a necessary beverage with almost every meal. But taking a large amount of sugar can be fatal for a human brain. It blocks the absorption of other essential nutrients that can hinder the development of brain.


Use of Computers:

brain damage by computer

Our young generations use computers and laptops for watching movies or playing games etc. without a moment’s break. The harmful rays emitted from electronic devices not only affects the eyes but causes harm to the brain as well. Excess and continuous use of smartphones and computers can lead to brain failure.




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