Building biceps without weights

Here’s how to build biceps without being at gym

Nearly everyone wants to know the secret of gaining inches to their biceps. Boys want their biceps to be big whereas women want them to be lean and toned. It’s a general perception that your arms make you look attractive and impressive. Biceps are not something people are born with: Gaining robust biceps requires consistency and hard work in drenching sweat. I personally know a lot of people who do not live near gyms or cannot join a gym due to busy work routines. So for people who cannot make it to the gym on regular basis, here’s how to build biceps without being at gym.
Here I am going to mention some exercises for biceps and triceps that can be done almost anywhere. Primarily, all you will need to have is a solid floor and a wall.


Chin-up is one of the most done warm exercises for bicep building. Chin-up is considered to be a great warm up exercise for arms, chest, back and shoulders. To perform chin-ups, just affix a home pull-up bar on a wall or door frame.


How To:

• Hold the bar closer than your shoulder width with your palms facing towards you.
• Keep your body in a straight line similar to a pillar.
• Pull your chest up towards the bar while squeezing your glutes and abs.
• Take a short pause at the heighted position before you slowly start lowering yourself back down.
No of Sets: 3
No of Reps: 15-12-12

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Alternate bottle curl:

Using jumbo sized plastic water bottles is a substitute of Alternate Dumbbell Curl. Fill the plastic bottles with water as alternative to dumbbells. To increase weight, mix adequate quantity of sand or mud.

Water bottles as dumbbells

How To:

1. Stand upright holding Bottles in each hand kept straight at an arm’s length. Keep your elbows straight and close to the chest.
2. Keeping the upper arm stationary, curl one of the hand held bottle upwards towards your shoulder level contracting your biceps and breathe slowly meanwhile. Hold the squeeze the bicep for a second.
3. Slowly bring the bottle downward maintaining a straight angle of elbow and upper arm with this hand.
4. Repeat the same process with the left hand.
5. A single rep will consist of one rep with each hand.
No of Sets: 3
No of Reps: 15-15-12

Diamond Push-Ups:

Diamond Push-Ups are one of the best triceps exercises you can perform without weights. Initially you may find it hard to accomplish more than 10 reps per set because of strong emphasis upon your triceps opposed to your chest.

Diamond Push-ups

How To:

• Tighten your abs, glutes, thigh muscles and get into push-up position allowing your thumb and index fingers of both hands to make a diamond like shape.
• Start lowering yourself slowly allowing your chest to touch the back of your hands.
• Start pushing your body upwards keeping your elbows close to your side. This completes one rep.

No of Sets: 3
No of Reps: 15-15-12

Bench or Chair Dips:

Performing dips using a bench or a chair is a highly effective exercise for triceps. Bench/Chair dips are easy for beginners but your ultimate goal should be to get towards the parallel bar dip.

Chair Dips

How To:

• With your hands on one chair/bench and feet on another, try to maintain good balance between two benches or chairs.
• Keep your torso upright and static.
• Start lowering yourself until your elbows are bent to an angle of 90 degrees.
• Now press upwards and straighten your arms to 180 degrees.
No of Sets: 3
No of Reps: 15-12-12



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