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Best Home Remedy for Acne

Tired of Using Steroids, Pills, Injections and antibiotic medications for weight loss and acne? Let our home remedies section do the job for you. Today I am going to share an easy home remedy for Acne Control and Weight loss.

This drink is generally called “Water Detox”. You may add or drop the quantity of the ingredients according to your taste but remember to follow the correct ratio as mentioned below:


  • large size cucumber (1)
  • Lemon        (1)
  • Mint leaves        (12-15)
  • Thin Sliced Garlic (3-5 slices)
  • Water       (1 Liter)

The Process:

Pour the above mentioned ingredients in Jar and leave the jar overnight in a refrigerator.  Next morning, filter the water out of other ingredients and drink a couple of glasses before breakfast. Drink rest of the water any time until it remains cold outside the refrigerator. Do not allow the water to turn to normal temperature or it might taste very unpleasant.


  • Flushes toxicants from your Body.
  • Helps in cleansing your skin.
  • Helps reduces Acne
  • Naturally helps your body dissolve fat cells for weight loss





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