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Let’s talk about something that is infecting the budding roots of our society. Depression among students is a growing menace in our society. Every now and then, we come across news about students committing suicide for failure in exams or due to violence of teachers. But there’s hardly anything we have ever done to uproot this menace from our society. Have we become heartless enough to throw our students in the flames of depression? According to a study conducted back in 2012, more than 70% of students were reported to have symptoms of depression and anxiety. Psychiatrists believe that aggravated symptoms of depression and anxiety may result in suicide attempts. To my personal opinion, here are some reasons of depression and anxiety among the students in Pakistan.

Ruthless Attitude of Teachers:

A lot of you might think that abusive, oppressive and violent attitude of teacher’s is a story of rural areas. But the fact is that this ruthless attitude of teachers prevails in urban areas as well. I personally know a lot of fellow students who gave an end to their academic career just because of brutal attitude of their teachers:  Punjab Group of Colleges Embarks a leading position in ruthlessness and oppression on students. Besides oppressive attitude of teachers, a word of discouragement from teachers does play a decisive role in affecting the emotional and mental health of a student.

Over Emphasis on Grades:

“Grades do not define intelligence”. This adverb has always been mistakenly understood among academic affiliates. Pressurizing students to get good grades has become a curse in our students. Parents and teachers need to understand that every student possesses a different state of mind and has distinguished abilities. Comparing high achievers to low achievers is like comparing apples to mangoes. Failure in exams does not determine failure in life. But our teachers haven’t been able to understand this fact; this is why most of the students enter into an endless state of depression after scoring low grades in exam.

Lack of Mental Counselling:

Being a student you have to come across lots of daunting and intimidating things. Anxiety of finding a job after graduating, health issues, family problems and financial problems leaves a negative impact on a student’s mind. As per my personal observation, more than 90% students face mental pressures during their academic years. Facing mental pressures can be a serious threat for the growing teens. Unfortunately, there’s no concept of mental counselling in Pakistan and there’s no one who could initiate this kind of mental counselling facilities for mentally disturbed students.

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The Dilemma of Suicide Attempts:

Not just in Pakistan, stories of students committing suicide have become common news from around the world. Back in March 2011, a Chinese student jumped off a school building after being scolded by his teacher for using cell phone in class. Despite being apologetic, the teacher refused to show compassion, which made the student commit suicide.

Source: Express Tribune

Waseemullah Khan, a second year nursing student at Aga Khan University, was recently found in his dorm room, hanging from the ceiling. The Reason why he did this is still an unsolved mystery.




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