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Are Protein Shakes bad for you?

The result of your exercise and workout depends on your nutrition and the intake level of protein. Using protein shakes has been a common workout suggestion from fitness trainers. But the question is that are protein shakes really beneficial for health and muscle gains? More than natural edibles?

As a matter of fact, it is truly unbiased to say that protein shakes are not good for health but yes, everything has its benefits and harms. Protein Powders are dietary supplements and consuming them in excessive quantity can become a high risk causing severe physical damage to you.

Protein Shakes: Yes or No?

protein shakes


Well, that totally depends on your current health, nutrition and level of muscular gains you want to achieve. If you are doing cardio exercises, you do not need to consume protein shakes and 3 proper meals a day are good enough for you.

If you have been having ailments or medical issues more often than a normal person does, you should not have any protein shakes without the professional advice of a doctor. Your previous medical record matters a lot, therefore do share it with your family physician before taking any supplements.

Know which Protein Shake is right for you:

Protein shake


It’s more than important to know which protein shake is right for you. Do not ever take a protein shake on advice of a friend or fitness trainer as they have no knowledge about your medical history and body’s metabolism. All protein shakes are not for all body types. Your so called need of a protein shake primarily depends on your level of workout and current medical condition. Using the wrong protein shake can make you suffer a lot. Here are some high risks that can be caused on improper use of protein shakes:

Excessive Weight Gain:

protein shakes cause weight gain

Your Body stores protein to build and strengthen muscles.  But there’s a limit to the amount of protein a human body can store. When you consume excessive amount of protein in the form of protein shakes, you are actually exceeding the limit of protein required by your body. This excessive protein will be stored in the form of fat in your body. This excessive protein will not be used to build or strengthen muscles nor will it be stored in your body for later use.



Human Body requires excessive amount of water to metabolize protein for strengthening and building muscles. The more amount of protein you consume, you are more likely to suffer get dehydration. Dehydration can occur in the form on fatigue, headache, migraine, dry mouth and excessive thirst.

Liver Problems:

liver disorders


Protein shakes are actually refined protein powders that are extracted from natural protein sources and are blended with some chemicals and amino acids. To metabolize protein, your liver does not need to function as efficiently as it needs to do when metabolizing natural food. Hence, if you are relying on protein shakes to get enough nutrition, you are more likely to lose the natural capacity of your liver. As all parts of a human body, your liver is also based on the principle “If you do not use it, you lose it”.



In a study conducted among people using protein shakes, more than 70% people suffered from Calcium and Vitamin D3 deficiencies without knowing it. If prolonged, such deficiencies can lead to severe consequences like, osteoporosis, weakening of bones, muscles injuries or even cancer in the worst cases.



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